7 Easy Guides to Get You Packed and Moved in 7 Days

A day-by-day guide to moving in a week

Hopefully, you don't need to use this guide very often, but if you do have to move in a week or less, then this is the information you need to keep your move organized and to ensure it's as stress-free as possible.  Find out what to do from your first day of planning through to moving day itself. Everything you need to do to pack and move in a week is all right here.


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    Even though I've had less than a handful of times that I had to move quickly, when you have to get out fast, it seems that most moving guides are focused on people who have time to move rather than those of us who have a week or less to clear out.  Moving in a short time requires some ingenuity, a lot of energy, and help in getting organized, which is where we come in.


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    So you have a week or less to move and aren't sure where to start?  Start with our Day One advice that walks you through stuff you need to do on the first day, including how to get your stuff from your old space to the new place.  Day Two is all about rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

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    More Tips and Guides to Get Everything Done on Day 3

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    By day 3, you’re probably feeling tired, a little overwhelmed and somewhat unsure if you really can get everything packed and moved by week’s end. Believe me, you can. Just take a breath, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and staying healthy, pour another cup of coffee and let’s get started.


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    Keep Sorting and Packing Your Stuff on Day 4

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    If you're starting to get tired and frustrated and wish that the moving boxes would just go away, remember that you're halfway there.  You've made it through the hardest part and now you just need to do a few last tasks that will ensure you move on time.

    On the fourth day of your move, you can expect to do more packing, a little sorting and a few follow up phone calls.  So let's start with the toughest part - packing.

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    Day 5 means that you only have a few days left before moving day and while you're probably feeling tired, wishing your move was over, if you look back over the last four days you'll see that you've completed most of the large tasks - packing the majority of your household space.  So for today, I suggest concentrating on all things to do with storage - areas, that is - extra closets, garages, basements and everything in between


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    By Day 6, you're exhausted, stressed and a little panicked.  While you really only have one full day left to pack all the last minute stuff, I'm hoping by now you're almost ready to go.  Today is the day to concentrate on all the last minute things - like cleaning out the fridge, getting your essential box together (if needed) and taking apart all furniture. So, let's get started.


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    After a very hectic six days, you've finally made it to moving day. Congratulations!  But while you might feel a sense of relief, you haven't quite crossed the finish line yet. Today you'll be busy from the moment you wake up to the minute you turn off the lights in your new home. To help you get through the day, here's what you can expect, including stuff you'll need to do to ensure a smooth moving day.