Packing Small Appliances Step by Step

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    Choose the Appliance to Pack

    Small Appliance

    Choose the small appliance you need to pack. Be aware of parts that are made of glass and fragile pieces. These should be packed more carefully.

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    Clean and Disassemble Appliance

    Clean Appliance

    First, clean and dry all appliances thoroughly before packing. Make sure you remove any parts that are loose, such as the glass tray from inside the microwave.

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    Remove Parts

    Remove Parts

    Any additional parts, such as the microwave tray or blender blades, need to be handled according to their fragility. If there are any instructions on how to reassemble, write them out on a piece of paper and attach to the part before wrapping.

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    Choose An Appropriate Box

    Taping the Box

    If you do not have the original packaging (I don't tend to keep it, either), then select a few small to medium-sized boxes. Make sure you tape the bottom well using packing or sealing tape.

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    Prepare Box Using Packing Paper

    Paper in Bottom of Box

    Lay plain newsprint or brown paper on your prepared working surface.

    Prepare the bottom of the box by laying slightly-crumbled plain paper inside

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    Wrap Appliance

    Wrap Appliance in Packing Paper

    Take one appliance and wrap two to three sheets of paper around it, securing it tightly with packing tape.

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    Place in Box

    Place in Box

    Place wrapped appliance and any additional parts, including electrical cords, into the box. If the box can hold another appliance, wrap a second using these steps and place it next to the first.

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    Fill the Gaps

    Add More Items to Fill Gaps

    If there is small pockets of space, fill these with slightly-scrunched paper or packing peanuts. You could also add small pots or pans or other non-breakable items.

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    Secure the Box

    Tape the Box

    Once all the space is filled, secure the box closed with packing tape and label it "Kitchen" with the contents listed on the side.