Paint Color Trends for 2017

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    Discover The 2017 Paint Color Trends

    Benjamin Moore Shadow 2017 Color of the Year
    2017 Paint Colors Trends. ©Benjamin Moore

    2017 color trends and forecasts include many dusky and cool colors, like Benjamin Moore's Shadow. The dark colors you'll see in 2017 are less formal and more romantic than in years past. There were a few bright exceptions to the moody colors of 2017, but those colors could pair very well with those darker colors.

    Watching color trends and forecasts is an awesome way to find inspiration for your home. Colors are chosen each year by trendsetters, designers, and paint companies, to express a...MORE mood for the coming year. Paint color trends and the announcement of a "color of the year" are especially helpful for freeing up your creative process when you're stuck for new decorating ideas. 

    You can find color scheme ideas in color forecasts because they're often presented in collections with coordinating color ideas. The secret to using color forecasts for choosing paint color palettes is to look at the entire palette that is being forecast to get a sense of the mood the paint company is trying to express. The colors that work well in your home may not be exactly the same as the Color of the Year, but you can use that color as a starting point to finding the right one.

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    Benjamin Moore Shadow

    Benjamin Moore Shadow 2017 Color of the Year
    2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Benjamin Moore

    Dark and dramatic, Benjamin Moore's Shadow is a bold choice for the 2017 Color of the Year. Rich colors like purple and dark blue are no longer considering only for formal dining rooms. Decorating trends have brought deep and moody colors like Shadow into living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. The versatility of dark colors may be what your home needs if you'd like to create a soothing space and are tired of neutral colors.  Deep colors look beautiful paired with the latest finishes...MORE like brushed gold and black stainless steel.

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    Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe

    Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe 2017 Color of the Year
    2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Though Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe may look like another gorgeous neutral color, it actually has a slight violet undertone that makes it more formal than other neutral colors. Taupe is a cool neutral that can pair beautifully with warm colors like dark brown and gold. The secret to using any taupe is sampling it on your walls before committing. Taupe is gorgeous and dramatic in any space, but the undertones can be tricky. A living room with soaring ceilings and white trim is the perfect spot...MORE for Sherwin-Williams Poised Taupe. A bedroom is another beautiful option for this soft color, especially with luxurious bedding and lots of white accents. Poised Taupe is perfect for a formal dining room in a space that lacks natural light, but you'd like to add color and drama without making the room look small. 

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    Glidden—Byzantine Blue

    Glidden Byzantine Blue 2017 Color of the Year
    2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Glidden

    Byzantine Blue, Glidden's 2017 Color of the Year, is another soothing blue paint color that can work in any room. Accent Byzantine Blue with black and white for a contemporary style. This relaxing blue has a touch of violet undertone that gives it an unexpected glow that would be dramatic in your dining room or foyer. The violet in Byzantine Blue makes it a great color to pair with gray, unlike many blue paint colors that can become bright when set against cool neutral colors. 

    Though...MORE Byzantine Blue is stunning for any room in your home, this can also be a gorgeous exterior paint color, or for your front door. Black shutters and white trim with Byzantine Blue can create amazing curb appeal for your home. 

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    Olympic Paints Cloudberry 2017
    2017 Paint Color Trends. ©PPG/Olympic Paints and Stains

    Purple and lavender paint colors have emerged as new options for decorating. The new purple shades are light and very versatile thanks to their muted undertones. Olympic Paints Cloudberry can be used in place of any cool neutral if you're craving more color than the many gray paint colors that are popular right now. To use Cloudberry right, you'll want to avoid treating it like a lavender or other sweet pastel. Pair this comfortable color with accents like cream, charcoal gray, and even...MORE gold. You'll want to avoid using pastel accent colors in your palette if you'd like to create a more sophisticated space with Cloudberry. You aren't limited to bedrooms or bathrooms with Cloudberry, the right furniture and decor can make it a perfect choice for a living room.

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    Dunn-Edwards—Honey Glow

    Dunn Edwards Honey Glow 2017
    2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Dunn Edwards

    Honey Glow, Dunn-Edwards 2017 Color of the Year, is an absolutely gorgeous gold paint color. Gold paint can be a difficult thing to choose because it can overwhelm a room if you get the undertone wrong, or choose a too-bright shade. Honey Glow is a rare gold color that is muted just enough to be very versatile, and an attractive undertone that is neither too orange or too green. 

    A Mid-Century Modern room would be a beautiful space for Honey Glow, as it has a slightly vintage vibe. You can pair...MORE Honey Glow with subtle accents like charcoal or flannel gray for a contemporary or retro living room. Try warm white trim colors for a rich gold paint color to enhance the warmth of your space. 

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    Valspar—Crushed Oregano

    Valspar Crushed Oregano 2017 Color of the Year
    2017 Paint Color Trends. ©Valspar

     Valspar's 2017 Color of the Year, Crushed Oregano is a bold choice in a year of muted and neutral paint colors. Crushed Oregano is a warm green with a lot of yellow undertone which makes it an excellent choice for kitchens or any room where you'd like to add energy and light. Keep your accents simple with Crushed Oregano with colors like white, brown, and gold. Cool colors like a soft turquoise or pink can add some softness to tone down Crushed Oregano in a living room or guest room....MORE You'll want to sample this energetic green paint color before committing to be sure that it's right for your space. If you find that it's too strong for your room, try using Crushed Oregano as an accent instead. White kitchen cabinet backs painted in a bold color can be a stylish and unexpected design idea.

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    Dulux - Denim Drift

    Dulux Denim Drift 2017 Colour of the Year
    2017 Color Trends. ©Dulux

    Dulux Paint is well-known all over the world. The Dulux 2017 Color of the Year, Denim Drift is sophisticated and worldly. This soft color is moody gray with a hint of blue that would be a soothing choice for a bedroom, but could also be wonderful in a contemporary living room. The blue in Denim Drift is so muted that it is nearly neutral and can be treated as a gray paint color in most rooms. Pair Denim Drift with off white and muted pastels for a dreamy look in any room.

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    HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams - 2017 Color Collection: Natural Wonder

    HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 2017
    Paint Color Trends 2017. ©HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

    HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Natural Wonder is a paint color collection for 2017. Natural Wonder is is filled with soothing neutral paint colors and bold earth tones. The collection is designed to be easily coordinated with any color in this twenty-color palette. Eight trending paint colors are included in this easy to use collection. Instead of choosing just one paint color for 2017, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams makes decorating and choosing paint easier with a fully coordinated palette. A...MORE smaller paint color palette to choose from helps you make color decisions quicker and more confidently. 

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    Pantone 2017 Color of the Year - Greenery

    Decora Daladier Kitchen - Pantone 2017 Color of the Year
    Color Trends for 2017. ©MasterBrand/Decora

    Pantone Color of the Year is an important forecast to watch when you're choosing colors for your home, even though it's not technically a paint color. Greenery is Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year. This fresh and warm green represents nature and renewal. If you absolutely love Pantone's Greenery and would like to add it as a painted accent, there are paint colors that capture its refreshing mood. It's easy to use Pantone Greenery as an accent color with decor or architectural...MORE details like this gorgeous sliding barn door in the Decora Daladier Kitchen.