Paint Color Trends for 2018

Stylish bedroom
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With 2018 here, there’s no better time to start thinking about all of the fun ways you can refresh your space in the new year. Of course, any interior enthusiast knows that this is easier said than done—there’s so much to consider, after all!

From swapping out your throws to freshening up your light fixtures to updating your window treatments, it’s tough to know exactly where and how to begin. Fortunately, the interior color trends of 2018 are the style guide you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re at a loss for ideas, all you have to do is take a look at the stunning colors below to get inspired to make your next move. The hottest hues on the horizon are basically your blueprint for filling up your space with new trendy styles and decor.

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    Black Is Back and Here to Stay

    black and white painted bathroom
    Maayan Zusman​

    You might’ve noticed that black has been taking over spaces far and wide in recent seasons—everything from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens are being outfitted with this edgy hue, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

    Whether you boldly add it all over or you reserve it for a select few accents, it’s sure to give your space an ultra-cool facelift heading into the new year.

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    Deep Onyx

    onyx painted dining room
    PPG Paints

    Pair this hue with natural wood for an equally warm and edgy design. Even better if you enhance it with an airy pendant light like this one.

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    Black Flame

    black flame painted living room
    PPG Paints

    Not ready to go all the way black? Try a purple-toned version like this to make a softer impact.

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    An Abundance of Berries

    painted living room
    Pella Hedeby

    From strawberry red to raspberry pink to blueberry, well, blue, berry-inspired color palettes are bringing all kinds of vivacious cheer to interior spaces in the upcoming season.

    The beauty of this color trend is its versatility—bolder style sensibilities can select a bright red with which to make a striking style statement while more subdued styles will benefit from a softer raspberry hue to add increased warmth to their aesthetic.

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    An Abundance of Berries: Caliente

    bright red painted dining room
    Benjamin Moore

    Ready to make a striking statement? Then coat a wall (or four) in this hot hue.

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    An Abundance of Berries: Caponata

    deep painted living room
    Benjamin Moore

    If you prefer a quieter approach, then try on this deep berry hue. It's perfect for adding depth to a rich design.

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    Calm and Collected Blue-Green

    painted bedroom
    Italian Bark

    More sophisticated than its brighter pastel counterpart, the quiet blue-green trend going into the new year is all about infusing homes with calming, grounded vibes.

    The feeling this color evokes makes it a no-fail choice for the mellow nature of a bedroom, but it’s neutral enough that it will quietly enhance virtually any room it lives in.

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    Calm and Collected Blue-Green: Boca Raton Blue

    Beach inspired painted living room
    Benjamin Moore

    Have a beach-inspired style sensibility? Then you're in luck! This hue can easily transform from soothing to beachy keen when paired with a few breezy organic accents

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    Calm and Collected Blue-Green: Fort Pierce Green

    painted work space
    Benjamin Moore

    Minimalist enthusiasts, rejoice! We just found your new favorite accent color.

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    All the Shades of Gray

    gray painted hallway
    A Pretty Fix

    All of the various gray shades and tones will be enhancing homes in the coming seasons. Whether your preference is a stony purple-gray or you prefer a cool blue-gray, you can rest assured that you’ll be incorporating one of the hottest hues around.

    What we love most about gray, in all its forms, is that it’s a refreshing take on a neutral color. Sure, beiges are great (see below), but when you want to add an extra hint of cool, you can’t go wrong with this hot hue.

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    Delray Gray

    painted bedroom
    Benjamin Moore

    The cool tones of this bluish gray are perfect for creating a tranquil bedroom. Still, they're versatile enough to complement pretty much any space they're in.

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    Soho Loft

    painted dining room
    Benjamin Moore

    On the other hand, a warm purple-gray has its own unique charm. It's perfect for any space that could stand to be a little warmer and inviting.

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    Sunshine Yellow to Gilded Goldenrod

    painted bedroom
    Studio Ashby

     If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your space, look no further. Spaces everywhere are about to be filled with the uplifting feel of sunshine-y hues and we’re all the way here for it.

    Feeling a little adventurous? Try pairing this color with another trendy hue, like the black and goldenrod combination pictured here, to make a strong and enviable statement.

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    Yellow Finch

    colorful painted kitchen
    Benjamin Moore

    Sometimes we all need a little help getting up in the morning. That is unless you get to have your coffee surrounded by this uplifting hue.

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    painted office space
    Benjamin Moore

    Colors have a knack for making you feel inspired and motivated. If you have trouble staying motivated through that dreaded afternoon work slump, consider outfitting your office with this stimulating color.

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    Warm Beiges for the Win

    beige painted room
    Cashinda Colorida

     The brown-beiges of yesteryear are getting a much-needed upgrade with warmer undertones and the result is nothing short of stunning.

    This contemporary take on an old staple can be integrated into any aesthetic and it will bring with it a renewed sense of pretty yet grounded sophistication.

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    Driftscape Tan

    painted dining room
    Benjamin Moore

    One of the cool things about this shade is that it can lean more pink or more beige depending on what it's near. To draw out the pink tones, pair it with blonde natural wood and light blues.

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    Broken Arrow

    painted living room
    Benjamin Moore

    All white everything can be incredibly compelling. However, if you're looking to spice up a white-dominant color palette in the new year, this hue is an awesome way to do it.

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    Bright and Bold Blues

    painted entryway
    Concept and Colorways

    While it’s true that we’ll be seeing a ton of updated neutrals in the coming seasons, don’t think that more electrifying colors won’t be spicing up homes as well.

    Everything from rich sapphire to cobalt to vibrant Parisian blue is boldly enhancing spaces of all kinds. Whether you choose to incorporate a lot or a little, you can bet your space will be better for it.

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    blue painted kitchen
    Benjamin Moore

    Decorating not your strong suit? Then eliminate the need for added decor by incorporating this color.

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    Starry Night Blue

    starry night blue painted room
    Benjamin Moore

     You needn't go ultra-bright if you prefer a more subtle style. This deep blue will bring visual intrigue without overwhelming your aesthetic.