5 Best Paint Colors for Your Laundry Room

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    Why Paint My Laundry Room?

    The words "Wash" against a wall with bathroom supplies
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    Whether your laundry room was carefully designed for your home or is an afterthought space tucked away in the basement, it is one of the hardest working areas in the home. Paint is the least expensive and one of the most durable wall treatments suitable for workspaces. Choose a paint that includes a primer and topcoat in one, contains anti-microbial and mildew resistant ingredients, and has a washable finish when dry.

    Since this is a place you'll be spending a great deal of time, it's important to make the laundry room as attractive as possible. Enduring a few fumes and selecting the best paint color is great way to create a pleasant workspace.

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    Dog art laundry room
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    White is almost always a good choice and an excellent starting point for brightening up any space. A crisp white finish allows light to bounce around the room, which is especially important if there is no window bringing in natural light. Good lighting is key to seeing spots and stains, and a white room will enhance even dim light from overhead fixtures.

    White walls work well with both stainless steel and colored appliances and give you the freedom to add accent colors through accessories. The accessories can be changed frequently to create an entirely new look.

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    Pastel Colors

    A laundry room
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    Trends in using pastel colors have come and gone through the decades, but they always return because pastel colors are soothing, and who doesn't want to feel relaxed in the laundry room?

    Pastels bring in the subtle tints of nature—blues, greens, pinks, and yellows. This hint of color is still light enough to bounce light around the laundry room but adds the color that many of us enjoy. If you love the look of Shabby Chic interiors or a classic cottage style, pastels are a perfect choice.

    If you are concerned that pastels are "too sweet," then combine them with bolder patterns and colors. Think about the 1950s retro look of pink with jet black accents. Choose pink walls and a black washer and dryer to achieve the look.

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    Vibrant Hues

    French country laundry
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    Do you look forward to heading to the laundry room? Most of us don't seek it out or name the laundry room as our favorite room in the home. So why not change the space and your mood by using your creativity and some bold, vibrant colors?

    If your home features rich colors, it is perfectly appropriate to carry them through to the laundry room especially if the laundry room is a multi-purpose mud or craft room that is visible to the rest of the house.

    The vibrant blue walls and ceiling in this French Country laundry room design work well to make the cabinetry stand out, and the window provides plenty of light. If your laundry room is a bit smaller or lacks natural light, use the bright colors as accents in accessories, a pop of color inside shelves or cabinets or in the artwork.

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    Neutral Shades

    Grey laundry room with modern stainless steel appliances
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    Neutral used to mean beige. Not anymore! Today's neutrals can range from warm to cool tones and can be just about any color palette.

    Neutrals are a good choice if your laundry room is visible from other areas in the home like the kitchen, hallway or bedrooms. Since the laundry area is usually small, keeping the color neutral allows the eye to perceive the two spaces as one larger expanse. And, neutral wall colors allow you to change accessories frequently.

    Neutral tones can be pulled from floor coverings or countertops. This laundry room uses grey-green walls as a neutral. The paint color complements the countertop and backsplash as well as the natural wood cabinetry.

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    Your Favorite Color

    Mud Room Laundry Painted Ceiling
    MS International Design

    The number one best paint color for your laundry room is, of course, your favorite color. Only you can make design decisions for your laundry room. Do you want a laundry room that flows with the rest of your home? Do you want a room that features the latest trends in design? Do you want a room that makes you feel happy when you see it?

    Don't forget the fifth wall of your laundry room: the ceiling. Try a bold color that off-sets a stunning light fixture. You can also add color with wallpaper or ceramic backsplashes under cabinets or behind appliances.

    Laundry rooms are workspaces. Workspaces produce the best results when they are clean, well organized and comfortable. Choose a color that makes you feel calm and at ease while you tackle the laundry.