The Best Paint Colors for Maple Cabinets

Large kitchen with maple cabinets and three light fixtures over island

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Love them or hate them, maple cabinets are ubiquitous in today's homes and apartments. The golden honey tones of this durable wood made maple a default cabinetry choice for decades. The medium-toned wood is neutral enough to blend in but can look a bit dated in an era where light European-style oak floors are in fashion and retro Shaker-style and sleek contemporary white European slab cabinets without wood grain or detailing proliferate.

Many house flippers or new home buyers choose to update maple cabinets in a budget-friendly fashion with a quick DIY paint job. But if you're a renter or you don't mind the look of the cabinets, a lick of paint on the walls is an easy way to freshen up your kitchen without committing to a major renovation project.

Luckily, maple cabinets play well with a range of colors, depending on whether or not you want to choose a complementary shade to help them blend in or something that creates a bit of contrast that will enhance them.

Here are some of our favorite paint colors to go with maple cabinets.