Paint Colors That Go With Wood Trim

Sunny living room with wood trim
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While it's common to paint over dark wood trim with white paint, we think there's good reason to keep the wood natural and let it shine. Wood trim can feel wonderfully homey and welcoming, and lends a vintage feel to your home. By letting your home's natural beauty shine through, you add a type of warmth that can't be replicated. But in order to prevent your home from feeling too dark, it's important to pick the right shade of paint to pair with natural wood trim.

While more of our suggestions fall into the white or beige family, there are a few bolder choices that work just as beautifully with wood trim.

Here are the best paint colors that go well with natural wood trim.

Not only does natural wood trim look traditional and classy, but it adds a lot of warmth to any home. The right paint color will keep wood trim from feeling dark or outdated and can really add a lot of depth to your interiors.