DIY Paint Guide for Budget Decorators

Great Paints at a Low Cost

Guide to Painting
Your room can come to life with paint. Photo: S Nada

Paint is a budget decorator's best friend. Not only is it relatively inexpensive and available in a mind-numbing array of colors, but it is also very forgiving. If you make a mistake, it can be easily covered up. A weekend of work and the color will give your room a brand-new sense of style.

Choosing A Paint Color

Today, however, it's easier than ever to choose colors that will work before you try them.

First, choose a color scheme based on the color wheel. This will enable you to understand how colors relate to each other. Once you have decided on a color scheme, choose the tones and shades within that scheme that will be most pleasing to you. You can either try large samples on your walls or try the color combination online with a color designer. But most monitors will not give a true representation of the exact color you want to try. But it will give an approximation of the look you are after.

Choosing The Right Paint And Tools
Now that you have chosen a color (you did, didn't you?), the next step is to choose the type of paint and tools to use. You have both traditional and earth-friendly products to choose from and the range of color is equally as good with both types.

So if eco-friendly paints are important for your family's health, you can have the earth and the color too! Fortunately, many hardware and big box stores are starting to offer eco-friendly or low VOC paints at reasonable prices. But considering the health cost of cheap paint, it may be worth the money to invest in a good quality paint with excellent pigmentation.

How much paint do you need? You have your color and your ideal type of paint, but how much paint do you need for your project? There are several paint calculators online, but I like the one from My Perfect Color.

Adding texture. Now it's time to bring texture to your room. Texture adds interest without adding more furniture or accessories to crowd the room. There are dozens of ways to texturize paint. You can add texture to the paint or you can use paint techniques to bring texture to your wall. In addition, you can use a wash to color your wall with a more layered technique.

Preparing walls. Now comes the work! It's time to prepare your room by sanding, filling holes and cleaning.

Time to paint. Finally, it's time to paint! Just you and a dozen of your best friends - who became your best friends when you offered free pizza for paint.

And if you promise a dessert, maybe they will stay to help clean up.