Paint Types and Where to Use Them

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    Introduction to Paint

    Woman painting color swatches on wall
    Frank and Helena/Cultura/Getty Images

    Paint. We see it everywhere and on everything. In the home, painting is one of the most popular DIY fix-ups by homeowners and renters. But what is this stuff? And when you go to buy it, on what do you base your decision? Is the $7/gallon paint as good as the $25/gallon paint? And what about latex paint and oil-based paint? Or primer?

    It can all be pretty confusing, and as a result, many people simply base their decision on price and get the cheapest paint they can buy...only to find out that they...MORE need to paint and re-coat and re-coat and re-coat again, just to get the cheap paint to cover.

    Here we'll talk about the basics of paint: what it is, what types there are, which type to use where and how to choose the right sheen.

    Now let's get rolling...(or brushing.)

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