Can These Painted Cabinets Provide Ideas For Your Kitchen?

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    Freshening Up Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Refacing or Replacement

    Farmhouse Kitchen
    Peter Mukherjee/E+/Getty Images

    Painting kitchen cabinets is an age-old way of giving cabinets a fresh, clean, and up-to-date look.  When you contrast the cost of paint and materials (under $200) to the dizzily high cost of new kitchen cabinets, painting seems like a no-brainer.

    Except for one thing:  it's harder than it looks. Before launching head-first into this project, though, keep yourself in check by remembering that every single item must be taken out and stored, doors and drawers need to be removed, every surface...MORE to be painted needs thorough cleaning, and the insides of the cabinets need to be addressed somehow (painting them, Con-Tact paper, or leaving them alone).

    Still in the game?  Okay!  Let's proceed to your two options for materials:

    1. Kit: Kits have their advantage because they include most (but usually not all) of the correct materials you need and exclude the incorrect ones (vinyl latex paint, for instance, which will peel off the cabinets). But kits tend to be expensive--more expensive than the sum of their parts.  Cabinet Transformations from Rustoleum is a multi-stage process that lets you paint wood, melamine, and laminate cabinets (previously, I have featured a similar process from Rustoleum called Countertop Transformations). It's a four-step process: deglosser, bond coat, glaze, and top coat.
    2. Assemble Materials Yourself: 100% acrylic or oil-based paints are your main ingredients for painting your cabinets yourself. Since this project entails a significant amount of prep work, you'll also need things like TSP, sandpaper, tack cloth, primer, putty knife, and so on.
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    Painted Kitchen Cabinets in Espresso Tone

    Painted Kitchen Cabinet in Espresso
    (c) Rustoleum
    Espresso--a rich, deep brown--is one of the most popular colors in new kitchen cabinets. So, it's no wonder that espresso would be a popular "re-painting" idea, too.

    Shown here is the glazed version of Espresso, but the company also offers an unglazed version. In fact, they offer a total of 35 colors, each color available in glazed and unglazed.

    Featured Company

    Cabinet Transformations, by Rustoleum
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    Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Spraypainting

    Idea For Spraypainting Kitchen Cabinets
    Idea From The Family Handyman for Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets. (c) The Family Handyman

    If you're looking for a non-kit, brand-agnostic technique of painting your cabinets (as opposed to the Cabinet Transformations technique), check out this idea from The Family Handyman.

    They recommend thoroughly cleaning the kitchen cabinets with warm water and detergent; sanding; priming with a brush; and then using a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer (no, not spray paint in cans). Using a paint sprayer is not the ticket to a quick job; the killer is all of that prep work. But a...MORE sprayer can help.

    Cabinet frames are painted by hand. It's a huge, multi-day project, but it costs less than $500--far less than refacing or replacement.

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    Cool Green Painted Kitchen Cabinets

    Painted Kitchen Cabinet Idea in Green
    (c) Benjamin Moore

    These kitchen cabinets have been painted in one of my favorite colors from Benjamin Moore, Regal Eggshell Finish N319 in Paris Rain 1501.

    Paired with Natural Wicker OC-1 on the walls, it gives the kitchen a nice, classic look.

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    White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

    Merillat Painted Kitchen Cabinets
    (c) Merillat

    These kitchen cabinets from Merillat are painted, Dove White. White kitchen cabinets are the most popular type of cabinet because they look clean and provide a lot of reflective light.

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    Steely Blue/Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets for a Stainless Steel Kitchen

    Painted Kitchen Cabinets Steel Blue Gray

    These cabinets, featured in Decor Pad, lend a modern yet homey feeling to this kitchen. With their grayish tint, they pair up well with the stainless steel appliances and chalkboard face on the refrigerator.

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    Gray-Green Painted Kitchen Cabinets

    Gray Green Painted Kitchen Cabinets
    (c) Martha Stewart Home via

    These gray-green painted kitchen cabinets offer a muted, neutral feeling that is enhanced by the creamy-white china. The paint is called Martha Stewart Mourning Dove Gray.

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    White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

    White Painted Kitchen Cabinets
    (c) Veranda Interiors via

    For a truly spacious feeling, this kitchen's cabinets have been painted Benjamin Moore White Down.

    Featured Company

    Veranda Interiors via

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    Black Painted Kitchen Cabinets

    Black Painted Kitchen Cabinets
    (c) The Lettered Cottage via

    Most painted kitchen cabinets tend to fall in the lighter spectrum--whites, grays, light-greens. But what about black? You don't see much of it, but here is a good example of kitchen cabinets painted black.

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    The Lettered Cottage via