15 Painted Concrete Patio Designs

Painted concrete patios

A Beautiful Mess

Nothing can bring down an outdoor space more than a neglected concrete patio cracked and faded by the sun. The good news is that painting a sad concrete patio is a simple design fix that will cheer up your outdoor space with a little time and elbow grease and without a huge hit to your budget.

Just remember to resurface or repair any cracks before painting your patio using concrete-friendly paint. And don't forget to treat your DIY painted concrete masterpiece to a regular cleaning to maintain its good looks.

Check out these painted concrete patio designs in a variety of styles—from bold stripes to eye-catching geometrics to faux cement-tile stenciled patterns—to inspire your outdoor space makeover.

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    Painted concrete patio designs

    Hayley Stuart

    DIY and interiors blogger Hayley Stuart (@iamhayleystuart) chose a graphic black-and-white stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs for her spacious backyard patio renovation project that sets the tone for her mix of boho chic outdoor furnishings and decor and makes the outdoor space feel as finished as any room in the house.

    "One thing I must stress about anyone considering painting or stenciling their patio is that it is NOT a permanent solution and WILL require annual maintenance to keep it looking fresh," Stuart writes on her blog in a follow-up post a year after she completed the makeover. "If you’re prepared to put the work and time in, then I promise it is 100% worth it because it looks so effective."

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    Diamond Motif

    Painted concrete patio ideas

    Thistlewood Farm

    A classical diamond pattern in subtle shades of gray helps dress up this painted concrete front patio from blogger KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm.

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    Bold Stripes

    Painted concrete patio designs

    So Much Better With Age

    This free-floating backyard concrete patio from So Much Better With Age is painted with thick white and gray stripes that add a subtle pattern that's easy to execute no matter your level of DIY skill.

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    Sherbet Rainbow

    Painted concrete patio

    A Beautiful Mess

    Blogger Laurea Gummerman at A Beautiful Mess describes this positively joyful painted concrete patio in a mix of vivid yellows and pinks as "a rainbow of sherbet-colored stripes." It's a lesson in following your heart when it comes to color selection to find the mix that will bring a smile to your face and help you to cope with whatever the world or the weather throws at you.

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    Seeing Stars

    Painted concrete patio designs

    Wendy H Gilmour / Thank Fifi

    Blogger Wendy H Gilmour at Thank Fifi created a painted concrete dining room rug on her spacious outdoor patio using a Kallat tile stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs. The black-and-white star design is both fun and sophisticated and helps to elevate the overall design of the patio, which is connected to the house by French doors.

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    Painted concrete patio designs

    Homestead 128

    Becky from Homestead 128 used a Tea House Trellis stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to paint the front cement patio. The crisp geometric motif helped her to achieve "a cement tile look for a fraction of the cost," she writes on her blog.

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    Painted concrete patio designs

    A Beautiful Mess

    This DIY painted concrete patio from blogger Laura Gummerman at A Beautiful Mess has a spirited triangular pattern that looks fresh and modern. The fun pinwheel-effect motif creates visual interest while the black and white palette is coherent with the rest of the backyard design that provides crisp contrast with the green Nashville lawn.

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    Painted concrete patio designs

    Jen Woodhouse

    DIY blogger Jen Woodhouse decided to create a stenciled rug using a Mediterranean-inspired pattern from Royal Design Studio to add interest to her "hum-drum" concrete patio after several outdoor rugs were destroyed by dry rot in the blazing Alabama sun. In lieu of paint she used a stain to create the stencil, which can be tinted to look like paint but is less slippery when it rains.

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    Blue and White

    Painted concrete patio

    Blushing Bungalow

    Blogger Madison Bess from The Blushing Bungalow painted her Florida patio white before stenciling it using Blue Tundra paint from Behr to complement the outdoor seating area that gets plenty of use rear-round.

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    Painted Tiles

    Painted concrete patio designs

    Craftberry Bush

    To create a cement tile look on her patio, Lucy from Craftberry Bush created painted plain concrete tile slabs using a stencil and white and stone gray outdoor acrylic paint from DecArt that is water- and scuff-resistant.

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    Faux Tile Finish

    Painted concrete patio

    Southern Hospitality

    Blogger Rhoda at Southern Hospitality created a faux tile look on her plain old concrete patio using Spreadstone from Canada-based Daich Coatings. She created squares with faux grout lines to produce a stone tile effect while layers of primer, a thick charcoal basecoat with stone particles, and two additional faux finishes help create a convincing trompe l'oeil effect.

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    Painted Rug

    Painted concrete patio

    Mysha Bolen / Remington Avenue

    Interior designer Mysha Bolen from Remington Avenue made the most of her front patio by painting a faux rug that cost just $10 to pull together. "It all started with an idea of using a tile stencil to add some interest to my plain old concrete," she writes on her blog. "One thing led to another and I ended up ditching the stencil and creating this lattice design using only FrogTape and paint."

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    Faux Floor Runner

    Painted concrete patio

    Thistlewood Farm

    This painted concrete faux floor runner in a classic black-and-white diamond pattern from blogger KariAnne at Thistlewood Farm is a fun and easy gateway project for those curious about DIY painting their concrete patios. "The challenge was that this farmhouse wrap-around porch came with a busy family and muddy boots and stinky socks topped off with an extra helping of dirt," KariAnne writes on her blog. "Keeping a rug clean out here was almost impossible. Or the rug would blow off the porch. Or roll up at the corners. So I added a painted floor runner instead."

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    Slab Stenciling

    Painted concrete patio designs

    Home Ideology

    Interior designer and DIY blogger Lydia from Home Ideology transformed drab concrete patio garden paving slabs using a mix of solid paint and a modern Moroccan-inspired Amira stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs.

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    Painted Concrete Patio

    The Layover Life

    Jessica Parr from The Layover Life used a geometric Moroccan-style patterned Midar stencil from Dizzy Duck Designs to transform her backyard patio in London. "It’s an optical illusion with the design that you can no longer see where some of our patio slabs are uneven," she writes on her blog. "We are so happy with the result and cannot believe that a £100 ($136) DIY job has completely transformed our patio area." Her pro tip? Before you start your outdoor painting project, check the weather forecast.