30 Gorgeous Painted Fireplace Ideas

gray green fireplace

Park and Oak

Is your existing fireplace getting you down? Perhaps it could be brought back to life with a coat of paint! When painting your fireplace, the sky is the limit when it comes to color. We've seen an array of stunning fireplaces in all kinds of hues: black, gray, red, lavender, and even yellow to name a few! Keep reading for a glimpse at 30 gorgeous painted fireplaces that may just inspire you to get to work on a quick DIY in your own home.

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    Try a Little Aqua

    aqua fireplace

    @theinterioreditor / Instagram

    Positioned in the corner of a living room, this aqua fireplace really pops! We enjoy how it's styled alongside a jewel-toned sofa and a pink set of curtains. Who says your living room needs to be dark and serious?

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    Go Classic With Dark Blue

    blue fireplace

    @heneddyhouse / Instagram

    This blue fireplace is a classic color but can be paired with vibrant accents or moodier ones. Here, the vibe is ultra charming and playful with colorful touches galore.

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    Be Sleek

    black fireplace with gold touches

    @lemonleopard_interiordesign / Instagram

    Black fireplaces look ultra-sophisticated no matter what, but this one is even more of a showstopper thanks to the funky gold accents around it. It's an excellent mix of whimsical and glam!

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    Pick a Pastel or Two

    pastel blue fireplace

    @elaines_shabbychic_home / Instagram

    A soft blue fireplace is nice and serene and fits into this shabby chic home wonderfully. Pastels can often bring an elegant touch to a room. Here, soft pinks and greens are also incorporated into the design.

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    Get Loud With Purple

    purple fireplace

    @velvetgoldmineinteriors / Instagram

    Well hello, purple! We don't see too many purple fireplaces, but we're big fans of them just the same. Add an unexpected punch to your living room by painting your fireplace in a cheery hue similar to this one.

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    Say Yay to Gray

    gray fireplace and walls

    @homewoodspaces / Instagram

    For a monochrome look, paint your fireplace using the same paint color that you applied to your walls. Here, gray looks nice and sleek throughout the room.

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    Think Pink — Hot Pink!

    pink fireplace and black walls

    @kaylabillkelley / Instagram

    Make your fireplace match your peppy personality by painting it a bright pink! This color really stands out against the deep black walls and adds an eclectic twist to the room.

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    Go Two-Toned

    two tone fireplace

    @my1908home / Instagram

    Go two-toned by painting your fireplace surround but not the insert. If you have a mirror that you plan to customize, why not give it a coat of color, too? Black and white look right at home among the other neutrals in this space.

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    Charm Your Kiddos With Coral

    fireplace in coral

    @the1903riverhouse / Instagram

    Imagine if every child had a fireplace in their bedroom! This coral color is happy and inspiring, making it a great pick for a young one's sleep space.

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    Keep It Sweet

    dusty blush fireplace

    @thetruthbehindthe_decor / Instagram

    You will want to select a paint color that complements the style of your fireplace. This one has dainty, elegant details and looks beautiful coated with a dusty blush color that is soft and sweet.

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    Bring in Pops of Pattern

    multicolor painted fireplace

    @maximel0 / Instagram

    There's no reason your fireplace has to solely contain just one color—or even two! If you're feeling crafty, go to town painting different shapes and patterns on your fireplace, incorporating a range of hues.

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    Get Artsy With Stripes

    fireplace with stripes

    @flawsomehome / Instagram

    Stripes turn this fireplace into a true work of art. Once again, don't be afraid to have a little fun with patterns and designs to make your fireplace totally unique.

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    Make a Petite Fireplace Pop

    green fireplace

    @handsomevintage / Instagram

    Don't neglect getting creative just because your fireplace is petite. Here, a small green fireplace makes its presence known against a gorgeous lavender wall.

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    Be Blue

    blue brick fireplace

    @lyndsdesignsthings / Instagram

    Many people opt to paint over natural brick fireplaces, but we don't see blue used all too often! This space demonstrates just how stunning such a hue can look.

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    Pair Pink and Green

    pink fireplace against green walls

    @annalise.at.number.9 / Instagram

    Pink and green are always a fabulous pair, and the colors make this cozy living room appear even more welcoming.

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    Or Opt for Pink and Black

    pink fireplace with black accents

    @theinterioreditor / Instagram

    This pink fireplace practically camouflages with the wall and is proof that pink and black will forever be a winning color combo.

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    Install Happy Wallpaper

    blue fireplace and wallpaper

    @s.e.w.athome / Instagram

    If the wall behind your fireplace boasts a fun pattern, then use that as inspiration for selecting a paint color. Blue, yellow, green, and red would all look lovely with this print.

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    And Pair It With the Color of Your Choosing

    yellow fireplace with wallpaper

    @littleterraceoncherrystreet / Instagram

    And on that note, here is a yellow fireplace paired with the exact same wallpaper print, demonstrating just how versatile it is indeed.

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    Shine Bright

    bright yellow fireplace

    @the256project / Instagram

    Be bright. This yellow fireplace isn't here to be shy! It's bound to make you smile even on the dreariest of days.

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    Mix and Match

    blue and white fireplace

    @paintedfarmhouse / Instagram

    If your fireplace is located in between built-ins, you could of course paint the entire area in one hue, or you could go two-toned, as seen here. The good news is that paint is always reversible and easy to alter if you tire of any one single look.

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    Let the Walls Talk

    black fireplace

    @house_on_the_hill_321 / Instagram

    If your fireplace sits in front of a colorful wall, you may not wish to paint it in a bold hue, and that's where blacks and grays (or a mix of both) come in. There's nothing wrong with sticking to a tried and true color.

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    Say Bye to Blah Brick

    brick insert in black

    @hodge_podge_home / Instagram

    A fireplace with bricks in just the insert opens up a world of possibilities. You could paint them, as seen here, or paint both the bricks and the surround—whether you use one hue throughout or choose two different colors is entirely your choice.

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    Grab Those Stencils

    green stencil design

    @jjmwalters / Instagram

    Stripes, circles, and shapes, oh my! This fireplace truly has it all and is full of whimsy. Use stencils to help achieve your desired look if replicating a design like this one.

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    Try a Terrazzo Look

    terrazzo fireplace

    @mamaisonfraiche / Instagram

    Terrazzo is having a major moment and won't be going away anytime soon. While this terrazzo pattern was created using decals, you could certainly replicate the look with paint!

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    Add Color Inside

    tan fireplace

    @pickedandpolished / Instagram

    You may also wish to base the color you paint your fireplace on how you plan to style it. Here, a tan surround allows the rainbow-colored books placed inside this nonworking fireplace to do the talking.

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    Jazz Things Up a Bit

    red fireplace with wallpaper

    @101hikes / Instagram

    This bright red fireplace would of course be stunning on its own, but it's only made more exciting with a wallpapered surround and a strand of string lights. Little touches like these are affordable yet will add so much whimsy to any setup.

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    Play With Yellow and Purple

    yellow and purple fireplace

    @the_colour_file / Instagram

    How delightful is this happy yellow and purple fireplace? The limit truly does not exist when it comes to customizing your piece—there are so many delightful designs you can implement.

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    Go Solid

    white stone fireplace

    Aniko Levai

    If a traditional stone fireplace is making your living room feel a bit dark, cover it in a coat of white to add an airy touch to your space. This project took just a few hours but makes a lasting impact.

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    Make It Moody

    gray green fireplace and walls

    Park and Oak

    How excellent is this moody gray-green fireplace? The color is perfect for this transitional-style living room, adding a comforting yet sophisticated touch to the space.

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    Grab That Green

    green fireplace

    Cassie Bustamante

    Green friends and a green fireplace go together like two peas in a pod in this boho-style living room. If you have a little bit of paint left over following your fireplace makeover, paint an arch or mural on the wall for some added fun.