22 Painted Floor Ideas for a Unique Space

A laundry room with white wood flooring

Jessica Nelson Design

Paint is an easy, budget-friendly way to transform a room. When you think of refreshing a room with paint, you probably think of painting the walls or even the ceiling. But, have you thought of painting the floor? Your floor makes a great canvas for creating a one-of-a-kind design. Whether you have wood, concrete, tile, or linoleum, paint can go a long way.

Below, we share our favorite painted floor ideas, from colorful patterns to refreshing neutrals.

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    Use Black for a Dramatic Look

    A black and white bedroom with floral artwork above the bed

    Alvin Wayne

    Contrary to popular belief, a black bedroom doesn't always make a space look and feel smaller, and this bedroom proves just that. The black walls and flooring bring a moody, dramatic look to the bedroom, while white bedding and an oversized, floral art print soften the look.

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    Choose White for a Bright Look

    An attic bedroom with floral wallpaper and white painted wood flooring

    Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photo by Andrea Pietrangeli

    This attic bedroom may be small in size, but it isn't small in style. The colorful, coastal-inspired wallpaper adds interest to the pitched ceiling, and white painted wood flooring reflects the light coming in from the small window, making the room feel brighter and larger.

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    Embrace Bold Color

    A blue and orange bedroom

    @danidazey / Instagram

    Orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, which means they're complementary colors when it comes to design. If you don't typically shy away from color, these two shades are great options for a bedroom. This over-the-top bedroom features a bright orange floor that's the perfect pairing with the rich, blue velvet bed.

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    Extend Color Throughout

    A girl's bedroom with pink and sage green accents

    Ashley Webb

    Sage green and light pink is a sweet, soft color palette, especially for a girl's room. The sage door and frame extend down to the flooring to create a beautiful contrast with the pink patterned rug.

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    Add Your Favorite Design Elements

    A rustic modern dining room with concrete flooring

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This dining area incorporates elements from a couple of design styles, from rustic wood cabinetry to midcentury modern furniture. The stained concrete flooring brings a modern touch that fits with virtually any design style.

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    Make the Room Feel Larger With White Paint

    A laundry room with white painted wood flooring

    Jessica Nelson Design

    An ornate runner is one of the only sources of color in this cozy laundry room. To help the room feel larger, almost everything is kept white—from the shiplap walls to the white stained wood flooring.

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    Opt for a Modern, Clean (Literally) Look

    A basement game room with concrete flooring

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions / Photo by Spacecrafting

    Not only does concrete flooring add a modern look to a room, but it's also sanitary because it doesn't harbor bacteria like many other flooring options. Staining the concrete gives the floor a finished look.

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    Design a Home Office That's Functional and Creative

    A home office with white flooring, pink accents and a tassle chandelier

    Gold a la Mode

    A home office should be the place in your home that helps you get your creative juices flowing, so it's important to design it in a way that is creative and functional. This office is kept mostly white, down to the white flooring, to help keep the mind clutter-free. The pink accent wall, tassel chandelier, and yin-and-yang pillow bring a touch of whimsy to the room.

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    Go for All White in a Narrow Space

    A galley style kitchen with white distressed wood flooring

    Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photo by Andrea Pietrangeli

    A galley kitchen is a great option for smaller homes because it provides plenty of countertop space in a narrow space. The white stained wood flooring completes the look of this all-white kitchen that feels open and airy.

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    Add Visual Appeal With Stenciling

    A laundry room with stenciled tile flooring

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Stenciling flooring gives you the same look as patterned ceramic tiles and adds interest where you'd least expect it—underfoot. This patterned flooring is an eye-catching way to bring color into the neutral laundry room.

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    Use Paint as a Budget-Friendly Alternative

    An outdoor deck with stenciled flooring

    Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    Paint is a budget-friendly alternative to expensive patterned tiles, and you don't have to be a pro to do it. Stenciling is an easy way to get the look of patterned tiles without breaking your budget.

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    Brighten a Room With Whitewash Stain

    A window nook in a dining room

    Design by Mindy Gayer / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    Everything about this room is bright and airy, from the bare windows to the neutral furniture and decor. A whitewash stain, used to brighten the look of wood, on the flooring keeps with the bright, airy theme of the room.

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    Paint the Front Door and Porch the Same Color

    A porch with a black door and painted black wood flooring

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Black and white provide a great backdrop against colors found in nature. The black paint on this front porch extends to the front door which helps lead guests to the house while allowing the potted plants to stand out.

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    Pair Dark and Bright Colors

    A front porch with plenty of potted plants and a turquoise door

    Margaret Wright Interior and Lifestyle Photography

    The bright blue double doors, paired with an abundance of potted plants, are a fun way to welcome guests into your home. The dark exterior of the home and gray-painted brick steps help the doors and plants stand out even more.

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    Bring the Office Look Home

    An industrial style home office with concrete flooring and exposed ceiling beams

    Design by William Hunter Collective / Styled by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you work from home, you can mimic the look of a swanky office in your own home. This home office features exposed brick walls, large windows, and industrial-style furniture and decor. The stained concrete flooring completes the look.

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    Make a Room Feel Larger

    An upstairs hallway with white painted wood flooring and an oversized mirror

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    There are several ways you can make a small space feel larger. White-painted wood and an oversized mirror at the top of these stairs easily expands this hallway. A large houseplant and a small wood table bring some warmth and dimension to the space.

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    Go With the Unexpected

    A black, orange and white painted patio with chairs and a fire pit.

    @danidazey / Instagram

    Orange and black aren't colors you think of when you think of nature, which makes these hues a fun, eclectic option for an outdoor space. A once dull concrete slab is given new life with a fresh coat of black, orange, and white paint in a visually-appealing pattern.

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    Stick to Neutrals

    A foyer with stenciled flooring

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Flooring is a way to anchor a space, so keeping the floor neutral will allow you to change up the style of the rest of your home through furniture and furnishings. But, if you love color and pattern, you can still implement that in your flooring. This stenciled flooring matches the rest of this eclectic space but is kept neutral to help ground the space.

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    Give Your Outdoor Space New Life

    A front porch with a red door and blue flooring

    @leapfrogfaerieglen / Instagram

    If your porch or deck needs an upgrade, staining isn't the only option. A new coat of paint will give your outdoor space new life. Here, a grayish-blue deck is the perfect complementary color to the bright red front door.

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    Paint the Stairs, Too

    Stairs with stenciled risers

    @leafandlolo / Instagram

    Don't forget about the stairs when thinking about the type of flooring you want. These wood steps feature stenciled risers that mimic the look of Spanish tiles. The green and white pattern blends seamlessly with the house plants and other decor items.

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    Get Inspired

    A staircase with painted risers with inspirational quotes

    Kendall Wilkinson Design

    Think of this as a new way—no more sticky notes on your bathroom mirror—to incorporate words of affirmation into your everyday life. The turquoise stair risers with white text stand out against the dark wood stairs for a bold look.

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    Choose a Dark Stain

    A shed with a pegboard wall and dark stained wood flooring

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    A shed is a great place to create a place that's yours—whether you love crafting or gardening. This shed features a white pegboard wall that looks beautiful when paired with dark-stained wood flooring.