22 Gorgeous Painted Stair Ideas

Painted staircase with gray railing and black and white patterned steps

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

You've probably paid close attention to the color of your living room walls and spent hours picking out the backsplash for your kitchen, but have you put any thought into your stairs? If you think your staircase is simply a tool to get from one story to the other, you're missing out on a great decorating opportunity. In many homes, the staircase is one of the first things people see when they walk through the front door, so why not make it eye-catching? 

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    Color Blocking

    green and yellow painted stairs

    We can't think of a better way to return after a long, hard day at work than being greeted by these bright blue and yellow stairs from Pufik. We love the faux carpet runner look created by the deep blue block coloring. Plus, the deep color is a great way to hide marks and dirt without a lot of elbow grease.

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    Try Ombre Stairs

    blue ombre stairs
    Mommy Shorts

    What's happier than ombre? If you've already tried the ombre wall trend,  these blue stairs from Mommy Shorts will take the look to the next level. We love the idea of transforming our boring staircase into a sea-inspired oasis that will make us excited to start the day. Though it takes a little bit of an artistic eye to get it right, a few test swatches can help you master this look. 

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    Keep it Traditional

    chairs painted white and brown
    In My Own Style

    Painted stairs don't have to be bold. A fresh coat of paint can transform your staircase without a lot of money. These two-toned white and brown stairs from In My Own Style are proof that painted stairs work in any home. Blogger Diane ripped out old carpet and refreshed her hardwood stairs with a little paint and wood stain for less than $25.

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    Rainbow Stair Risers

    rainbow stairs

    This rainbow stair look from bfarhardesign may not be for the faint of heart, but it sure is stunning. If you're the type of decorator who gravitates toward colorful design, you'll love the idea of splashing bright, bold colors on your stair risers. 

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    Perfect Pantone Stairs

    stairs painted with pink pantone shades
    Bloesem Living

    Calling all Pantone lovers out there: Bloesem Living featured these stunning rose stairs emblazoned with each color's code. Think you're the biggest color fan? You may even want to update your stairs every time Pantone releases their color of the year

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    Keep it Monochrome

    living room with black and white painted stairs

    The Vintage Round Top

    We're all about black-and-white color schemes so it's no surprise we're obsessed with these stairs from The Vintage Round Top. The stark black, white and natural wood style blends seamlessly with the modern living space while helping to break up the white accents. 

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    Gray and Distressed Stairs

    distressed gray staircase

    skonahem / Instagram

    If you're all about vintage, pre-war style, these distressed stairs from skonahem are right up your alley. The deep gray color adds dimension and depth, while the distressed surfaces lend a vintage, shabby chic feel. The best part? Making new wood look old is an easy DIY. 

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    Pretty in Pink

    pink painted staircase
    Michael Graydon

    Pink is the one color that sometimes has a difficult time "proving itself" as a solid player in the design world. But these candy pink stairs from Michael Graydon take our breath away, and remind us that pink truly can be the star of home's decor. Since only the tops of the stairs have been painted, the use of pink doesn't overwhelm. 

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    Try Chevron Stairs

    stairs painted black and white chevron
    Amber B Design

    Searching for a painted stair idea that will truly stand out? These black-and-white chevron striped stairs from Amber B Design are one-of-a-kind and simply beautiful. We love how easily the chevron look blends with the neutral wood stair tread. Recreate the same vibe with thick painter's tape.  

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    Go Geometric

    black and white diamond patterned stairs
    Lovika / Pinterest

    There's just something about these black-and-white stairs found on Pinterest via Lovika that we can't get enough of. Chic and modern, these painted stairs also give off a whimsical and free-spirited feel. This is a great way to sprinkle in some shapes and patterns and add a touch of intrigue to your home decor.

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    Bold and Bright Pink

    bright pink painted wood stairs
    Raw Edges Design

    Though these stairs from Raw Edges Design are actually part of a storefront, they're giving us major home decor inspo. Here, wood blocks have been painted various shades of pink and arranged to create an eye-catching chevron design. 

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    Paint Just the Top of Your Stairs

    stairs with top painted black
    Maison de Pax

    If a wild bold ombre or chevron stripe just isn't your thing, these subtle, modern stairs from Maison de Pax are a beautiful alternative. They may not be a crazy bright color, but the crisp white and black contrast adds dimension and gives off a luxury feel with little effort.

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    It's Easy Being Green

    bright green staircase
    Sour Jones

    We wouldn't have pictured neon green stairs in such a formal space, but this beautiful staircase from Sour Jones proves it can be done—and look stunning. The pop of color on the riser adds a brightness to the foyer without a lot of natural light. If you're ready to dive right into the painted stair look, why not start with something as bold as green?

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    Peachy Stairs

    peach painted ombre stairs

    arseniclace / Instagram

    No matter the season, corals and peach colors work wonders and add a spunky, unique flair to any style of home decor. These bright peach stairs from arseniclace give off such an easy, happy-go-lucky vibe, especially when paired with this fun greenery wallpaper. 

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    Keep it Simple

    stairs painted with chalkboard paint
    Kammys Korner

    These gray stairs from Kammys Korner are subtle, classic and beautiful. If your stairs are looking a little worse for wear, a fresh coat of paint and a little elbow grease can make them true centerpieces once again. 

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    Create a Faux Runner

    blue and white painted stairs

    theothersideofneutral / Instagram

    A carpet runner can be nice, but these nautical-inspired stairs from theothersideofneutral prove you can create the same effect with paint. Stick to the same guidelines you'd use when selecting a carpet runner, and you can swap out your "runner" for a lot less money than real carpet. 

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    Split Your Stairs

    half white and half brown painted stairs

    _three_little_birds / Instagram

    If you have a small space, a wide staircase can look bulky and oversized. These half-white stairs from _three_little_birds are the perfect solution. By splitting the stairs in half with paint, it creates an illusion of a narrower staircase that works well with the rest of the space. 

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    Gorgeous Rainbow Stairs

    rainbow stairs

    modern_house_nashville / Instagram

    Here's another rainbow stair idea, this time from modern_house_nashville, that makes our heart stop. We love the matte paint used here—though the rainbow colors are bright and bold, the matte look creates a slightly more subtle and vintage feel that works in any home. 

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    Match Your Runner

    black stairs with a white and black runner
    Bright Green Door

    There are many reasons why a carpet runner is a good idea—it adds texture and reduces slips and falls, especially in homes with active children. If you want the best of both worlds, these stairs from Bright Green Door prove paint works just as well on a carpeted stair as it does on a naked one. 

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    Olive Green Stair Risers

    subtle green and pink stairs

    Pale pink and olive green have been a trendy decor pairing for a few years now, and these stairs from Remodelista make us want to jump on the bandwagon. The blush wall and the deep green stairs work well in the otherwise all-white space while adding a bit of character. 

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    Wallpapered Stairs

    painted stairs with wallpaper

    kos.home / Instagram

    Unless you're a trained artist, creating elaborate murals on your stairs may be out of reach. These gray stairs from kos.home use both paint and self-adhesive wallpaper to create a designer look. It's easy to find budget-friendly wallpaper that will create a luxury feel without a lot of money. 

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    Paint the Banister

    staircase with a teal banister

    kimbahills / Instagram

    Already love the way your stairs look? You can still mix things up by adding a coat of paint to your banister, as seen in these stunning stairs from kimbahills. We love how the bold teal banister matches an accent door in the entryway, creating a cohesive look.