First-timers and expert painters alike can learn more about painting interiors and exteriors, paint types, and techniques in our painting guide.
Desert Midwestern white house
How to Fix Chipped, Peeling Paint Before Repainting
Various sandpaper grit
Sandpaper Grit: What to Know Before You Buy
Painting a window frame
How to Clean Paint From Vinyl Window Frames
Fixing paint drips
Learn How to Fix Paint Drips
electric sander removing paint
How to Scrape Paint With 3 Common Tools
paint cans near a rainy window
Painting a House in Rainy Weather
Online paint visualizers on iPad with paint swatches and decorative materials
3 Best Online Paint Visualizers
Staining Brick With a Brush
How to Stain Brick
Paintbrush balancing on open tins of paint, overhead view, close-up
How to Dispose of Paint the Right Way
hands on a cellphone taking picture of sky with palm tree at sunset
Apps and Tools to Choose and Match Your Paint Colors
Rusted Metal Gate
How to Paint Rusted Metal
removing spray paint
How to Remove Spray Paint
Paint edger
How to Use a Paint Edger
Open paint cans from overhead
Everything You Should Know About Paint
Mixing can of paint
How Is Paint Made?
The art of ceramics
Refresh Your Ceramic Tile by Painting It
Painter painting a room
Hiring a Painter: Everything You Need to Know
Painting Popcorn Ceiling
How to Paint a Popcorn Ceiling (Without Making a Huge Mess)
Tan-colored painted arch behind console table with record player, houseplant and books
Join the Painted Arch Trend With Your Own DIY Arch
Toilet with painted wall behind it
How to Paint Behind a Toilet
Paint being retouched on wall next to painting supplies and houseplant
How to Touch up Paint Without Repainting the Whole Wall
Painted Brick Fireplace
How to Remove Paint From Brick
Repainting kitchen cabinets
How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets
Home office with chalkboard wall
How to Make a Chalkboard Wall for Your Very Own at-Home Message Board
Mixing Up Paint
How to Make Chalk Paint (It's Easier Than You Think)
Paint cans in home
How Long to Wait Between Coats of Paint
Paint brush and tin
What Is Enamel Paint?
Painting baseboard supplies
How to Paint Baseboards
Stippling wall with paint roller
How to Texture a Wall With a Roller
Cream paint on paint roller going over laminate surface
Tips for Painting Melamine and Laminate Surfaces
How to Paint Woodwork
How to Update Wood Veneer Paneling With Paint
House Painting
How to Paint Vinyl-Panel Walls Like a Pro
Ceiling paint supplies
Best Ceiling Paint: What to Know Before You Buy
Thinning and Stirring Latex Paint
How to Thin Latex Paint
clean tile in a shower
4 Best Tile Paints Reviewed
Interior paint
Guide to the Type of Paint to Use for Which Room
Woman Painting Over Oil-Based Paint
How to Paint Over Oil-Based Paint
Wooden cabinet door surrounded by painting materials
How to Paint Wood Kitchen Cabinets
paint can and brushes in a bathroom
How to Paint a Bathroom the Right Way
painted cabinet door
7 Best Cabinet Paint Brands for a Flawless Finish
Tile Wall
How to Paint Tile
Bathroom painted Benjamin Moore Simply White
10 Best Bathroom Paint Colors Picked by Experts
various painting supplies
What Is the Best Home Depot Paint?
One coat paint
Best One-Coat Paints for Your Home
Intetior Room with Orange Wall and White Sofa
Classic Venetian Plaster Finishes Are Easy With Modern Products
Can of paint on unfinished floor
Should You Paint Walls Before or After Refinishing Floors?
painting window trim
Best Trim Paint to Use for Windows, Doors, and Baseboards
Wood Putty for Strong Bond - Wipe Dust with Tack Cloth
How to Use a Tack Cloth to Clean a Surface
Paint finish in small bucket next to paint brush on marbled kitchen counter
Best Paint Finish For Kitchens
Man with paint roller starting painting project
How to Paint a Kitchen
Paint Rolling a Wall
Can You Paint Over Wallpaper Glue?
Whitewashed Brick
How to Whitewash a Fireplace, the Easy Way
Eggshell Paint Sheen on Living Room Wall
Eggshell Paint: What Is It and When to Use It?
Rolling Paint Primer on a Wall
Valspar Stainblocking Bonding Primer-Sealer: Basics and Review
Painting High Ceiling With Extension Poles
How to Paint High Ceilings
Man painting wall
How to Paint Interior Walls Like a Pro
Lead Paint Removal
How To Safely Tackle Lead Paint Removal in Your Home
Painting on Top of Wallpaper
How to Paint Over Wallpaper
can of open paint on a drop cloth
9 Interior Painting Tips for a Flawless Finish
Artists painting mural wall
What Do You Need to Paint a Wall Mural?