30 Pantry Door Ideas That Are Stylish and Functional

pantry door ideas

White Sands

The pantry serves a vital purpose in the kitchen, but the pantry door is often forgotten when it comes to kitchen design. Your pantry door can be so much more than a boring, builder-basic white door—instead it can add a vintage touch, a pop of color, or even a window or two. Keep reading to see some of our favorite pantry door ideas.

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    Get Creative

    pantry door ideas creative

    Mindy Gayer Design Co

    Pantry doors are a great chance to try out something different with the doors in your home. Instead of using a builder-basic white door, try out a door with funky hardware or one with a window, like Mindy Gayer Design Co used in the kitchen above.

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    Add a Barn Door

    pantry door ideas barn door

    Mindy Gayer Design Co

    Adding a barn door to your pantry is an easy way to transform your kitchen. Pantries are a great way to use barn doors, as they add down-to-earth style and are easy to move out of the way when you need to grab an ingredient or two.

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    Use Similar Materials

    pantry door ideas matching materials

    Mindy Gayer Design Co

    Looking for the perfect pantry door material? Try using the same material you use for your kitchen cabinetry. The material pairing will create a cohesive, custom look, and it saves you from having to make one more decision (goodbye, renovation decision fatigue!).

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    Try a Narrow Barn Door

    narrow barn door pantry door ideas

    Mindy Gayer Design Co

    If you love the look of a barn door for your pantry but you aren't sure if you have the space, use a smaller, more narrow barn door instead. It will give you the fun look of a barn door at half the size.

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    Try a Semi-Open Pantry

    pantry door ideas semi open

    Emily Henderson Design

    If you'd like to show off some of the stuff that's in your pantry, look to open kitchen shelving for some inspiration and consider a partially open kitchen pantry. You can use a cabinet door to cover the bottom half, or build a closed-off pantry in the wall space surrounding it.

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    Add a Little Trim

    pantry door ideas trim

    Liljencrantz Design

    For an easy way to dress up a boring pantry door, try adding some ornate trim. It's an easy DIY that will make your pantry door look all the more stylish.

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    Use a Pocket Door

    pantry door ideas pocket door

    Mindy Gayer Design Co

    Pocket doors are a pantry classic thanks to their small, out-of-the-way size. Though they're less common in today's new builds, you can still add one to your own space with a little weekend DIY-ing.

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    Use Oversized Hardware

    pantry door ideas oversized hardware

    White Sands

    To ensure your pantry door adds to the cohesive look of your kitchen, trying using an oversized version of your cabinet hardware on the pantry door. For example, take a page out of White Sands' book and use extra-large bronze cabinet handles on the pantry door and regular-sized handles and knobs on the kitchen cabinetry.

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    Keep It Clean and Classic

    pantry door ideas clean white door

    White Sands

    You don't have to go all-out when picking a pantry door—a clean and classic white door can work well too. This look works the best when your kitchen cabinetry is also white, or you're hoping to create a clean and clutter-free kitchen look.

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    Head to the Salvage Shop

    pantry door ideas salvage vintage door

    White Sands

    One of the best ways to find a statement pantry door is by heading to your local architectural or construction salvage shop. Look for unique vintage doors that will work with your kitchen, and get ready to have a pantry door that looks just as good as the rest of your space—if not better.

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    Double Your Pantries

    pantry door ideas double pantry

    Naked Kitchens

    Who says you have to stop at one pantry? Two pantries are a great solution for kitchens that need extra storage. To seamlessly add two pantry doors into your kitchen, have them flank a large section of countertop and cabinetry.

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    Create a Pantry

    pantry door ideas built in

    White Sands

    If you don't have the space for a classic recessed, built-in pantry, you can create a pantry with floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinetry instead. White Sands did this by using the same cabinets they used elsewhere in the kitchen too.

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    Go Rustic

    pantry door ideas rustic

    Milk and Honey Life

    Want a rustic pantry door look? It's time to use some unfinished wood. The raw wood look of this pantry door adds a cozy, farmhouse-chic touch.

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    Add Paneling

    pantry door ideas paneling

    Studio Peake

    Add a little texture to your pantry door by incorporating some paneling into it. It's a great way to add a touch of visual interest in a low-cost, high-reward way.

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    Try an Arched Door

    pantry door ideas arched door

    Naked Kitchens

    Get funky with pantry door shapes by installing an arched door. Though this type of door is bit harder to find and install, the unique look it adds to the kitchen is worth it.

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    Match Your Floor

    pantry door ideas match floor

    Emily Henderson Design

    For a pantry door look that blends seamlessly into the rest of your kitchen, try choosing a door that has the same finish as your door. We like how Emily Henderson Design did this by picking nearly-matching wood for the floor and pantry.

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    Add Oak

    pantry door ideas oak

    Emily Henderson Design

    For a retro pantry door look that's an ode to oak cabinetry of kitchens past, add an oak pantry door. Pair it with some fun patterned tile and mid-century light fixtures to complete the homage.

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    Define Your Space

    pantry door ideas define space

    Emily Henderson Design

    Let your pantry doors add a structural touch by flanking appliances or statement areas with them. They'll add definition to the space, as well as utility, allowing easy access to supplies from high-use areas like the stove top.

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    Install Frosted Glass

    pantry door ideas frosted glass

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    To get the look of a windowed pantry door without the visual clutter, try using a door with frosted glass. The opaque glass will hide whatever mess may be inside your pantry while still adding unique detail and character.

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    Take Advantage of Vertical Space

    pantry door ideas vertical space

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Take advantage of all the wall space in your pantry by adding extra cabinetry or shelving to fill up extra space above your pantry door. This is a great spot for lesser-used items like holiday dishes or special kitchen equipment.

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    Use Underutilized Space

    pantry door ideas underutilized space

    Becca Interiors

    Have an underutilized nook in your kitchen? Add a pantry. Thanks to the breadth of pantry door shapes and sizes that are out there, you'll be able to find a door that will fit the needs of you and your space.

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    Add a Pop of Color

    pantry door ideas pop of color

    Naked Kitchens

    To add a little color to the kitchen, paint the pantry door. The pop of deep navy on the door in the kitchen by Naked Kitchens above does this well.

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    Add a Barn Door to Your Built-In

    pantry door ideas built in barn door

    Rebecca Rollins Interiors

    Barn door lovers rejoice: you can add barn doors to built-in pantries too. A narrow door and rod can be installed on top of semi-open cabinetry to get that pantry barn door look.

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    Go Off-White

    pantry door ideas off white

    Naked Kitchens

    If you're sticking with a white pantry door but want to differentiate it just a bit from the other whites in your kitchen, try painting the door a creamy off-white instead.

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    Add a Cutout

    pantry door ideas cut out

    Naked Kitchens

    Who says your pantry door needs a door knob or handle? Try adding a cutout instead for a fun geometric look.

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    Use French Doors

    pantry door ideas french doors

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    The classic french door is another pantry door favorite. Look for a narrow set of doors for a smaller pantry, and a wider set for a larger one.

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    Match Your Grain

    pantry door ideas continuous grain

    Emily Henderson Design

    Wood is a great choice for pantry doors, as it's durable and timeless. But if you want to make your wooden pantry door look even better, consider using wood with continuous grain. It creates a dramatic visual effect that makes your door feel more like art than a mere pantry covering.

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    Use Your Accent Color

    pantry door ideas accent color

    Naked Kitchens

    Just as your pantry door can be the same color as your primary kitchen color, it can also be the same color as your accent kitchen color, like Naked Kitchens did with the slate blue accent color in the kitchen above.

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    Try a Small Door

    pantry door ideas small door

    Naked Kitchens

    Take advantage of tricky roof lines and short walls by adding to a pantry to what would otherwise be wasted space. Install a 2/3 or 3/4 height pantry door to fit the space perfectly.

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    Let It Blend In

    pantry door ideas small hardware sleek

    Liljencrantz Design

    To ensure your pantry door blends into the rest of the kitchen, try adding an extra small doorknob or pull. This will help the pantry look sleek and seamless.