10 Pantry Organization Items Your Kitchen Needs

Your photo-worthy pantry is a few steps away

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Organized pantry.

Photo: Mika Perry / Illustration: The Spruce

Let’s face it: nothing is quite as satisfying as a well-organized pantry. But while it looks beautiful, it doesn’t always seem functional. We looked at some of the top products and pantry organizing hacks out there and picked the ones that truly have staying power. 

Ziploc Bag Organizer

Sandwich bag boxes aren’t exactly sturdy, which means pulling them in and out of a drawer can be a pain. But this Ziploc Bag Organizer looks easy to store so that you can get the bags out each time without issue.

We especially love that the slots are labeled by size, adding additional ease if you bulk-buy your baggies. 

mHomeAid Ziplock Bag Organizer

Ziplock Bag Organizer


Magnetic Spice Rack

It sometimes seems like there’s no easy way to store or organize spices. But, these magnetic spice racks keep things simple, and thanks to their screwless design, they’re easy to move around your kitchen as needed. 

SOSMAR Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnetic Spice Rack


Airtight Storage Containers

If you're going to decant any food for pantry storage, using the right containers is a must.  

"I’d suggest using airtight storage containers, as the tight seal keeps food fresh longer," Dorn says. "They’re great for keeping even the smallest items organized and easy to find."

mDesign Glass Canister with Bamboo Lid

Glass Canister with Bamboo Lid


Rice Dispensers

Buying bulk bags of rice is great if it’s a regular part of your meal planning, but storage can be kind of a pain. TikTok user Brianna Ancheta showed here how a rice dispenser could just be the answer to all your grain storage woes. 

Aprilhp Rice Dispenser

Rice Dispenser



Labels aren't just a must for storage baskets and decanters–Dorn notes that these are a pantry staple even if you keep your original packaging.

"Decanting items into new containers can be helpful if you like to have an aesthetically pleasing pantry, don’t plan on using an entire package in one sitting, or even want to avoid the potential for pantry moths," Dorn says. "However, if someone doesn’t want to decant anything into new containers, they can take the bags out of their cardboard boxes to save pantry space."

Considering it may be more difficult to tell what’s inside each bag, Dorn recommends adding labels to the bags or putting the bags in bins with label slots for a more clean, cohesive look."

mDesign Cursive Adhesive Labels

Cursive Adhesive Labels


A Divided Can Dispenser Holder

When it comes to maximizing your pantry, using vertical space is key—but stacking cans on their own quickly becomes unwieldy.

"One of my favorite pantry organizers is this divided can dispenser holder because it sits upright to utilize vertical space and its open design lets you easily see what you've stored," Dorn says. "It’s perfect for small spaces because each compartment holds 12-13 standard-sized cans."

mDesign Large Standing Kitchen Can Dispenser Storage Organizer Bin

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Storage Organizer Container Bins for Pantry, Fridge, Freezer Organization - Holds Canned Food, Soup Can, Soda Water Bottle - Ligne...


Baskets with Labels for Bulk Storage

If you’re not a fan of clear storage containers, TikTok user Teresa Caruso shows that can still use regular baskets. Just invest in some clip-on labels to make finding things a breeze, and swapping labels even easier.

The Container Store Birch Bin Clip Labels

Birch Bin Clip Labels

The Container Store

Metal Storage Baskets

If you're sensing a theme, some sort of storage container is an absolute pantry must-have. As mDesign Creative Director Danielle Dorn explains, "Pantry organizers are essential for maintaining a neat and clutter-free area, and my favorite items to use are metal storage baskets. Even when you’re not using them, they can still be neatly tucked away, since they’re stackable."

AJIODA Metal Mesh Steel Basket

Metal Mesh Steel Basket


Kitchen Shopping Bag Dispenser

Plastic grocery bags aren’t great, but sometimes, they’re unavoidable. Rather than tossing them immediately or shoving them away under your sink until you ultimately trash them anyway, these Waterproof Kitchen Storage Bag dispensers are great.

Their size means you can store a ton of kitchen bags and easily pull them out as needed. Plus, thanks to their handy carry handles, you can take them back with you to the grocery to reuse. 

TOGETRUE Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic Bag Holder


Cheap and Creative Solutions from the Dollar Store

Buying a ton of containers and decanters adds up fast. But as TikTok user Rachel Cruz proves, you can find everything you need on a budget. Check out thrift stores and dollar stores, and think outside the perfect plastic box.

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