15 Fun Paper Garlands You Can DIY

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    Paper Banners Make the Party Fun

    paper ice cream cone banner
    Bugaboo City

    Paper garlands are a quick and easy party decoration craft. Why not add some fun and excitement to your next affair with a cute paper banner? Banners can be made to follow almost any theme and will most definitely add some pizzaz to your party decor! Use the following 15 paper banner crafts as inspiration for your next event.

    Don't forget that some garlands also double as home decor. Children love to have beautiful banners decorating their rooms.You can even use some of the garlands in other...MORE areas of your home.

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! If your young child has a birthday in the summer, give them an ice cream themed party, complete with adorable ice cream cone banners!

    Make the cones from striped brown paper and add "polka dotted" paper circles in various colors to represent scoops of ice cream. Top with a paper cherry, and you have a fabulous party decoration! So cute!

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    Sweet Burlap and Doily Banner

    burlap and doily banner
    Ribbons and Glue

    Add a sweet vintage look to any room with this burlap and doily banner. All you have to do is cut some burlap into flags, attach some scrapbook paper flags on top and finish with a paper doily. Glue to twine and hang. Lovely!

    Burlap and Doily Banner from Ribbons and Glue

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    Pink Flamingo and Pineapple Paper Banner

    pineapple and flamingo paper banner
    Giggles Galore

    A pink flamingo and pineapple banner would work well for an outdoor summer barbeque or party. Pink flamingos have come a long way from the kitschy lawn ornaments of the 70's. They are now considered to be examples of iconic Americana. So go ahead and flaunt those birds proudly at your next outdoor event.

    Pineapple Flamingo Banner from Giggles Galore

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    Free Printable Letters Banner

    printable banner
    Shanty 2 Chic

    Many of the paper garland tutorials offered on the internet are nice, but may not have the message you want on your banner. Shanty 2 Chic offers a free printable download that lets you print letters so that you can make a personalised banner. This is a printable that you will use again and again.

    Free Printable Whole Alphabet Banner from Shanty 2 Chic

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    Pretty DIY Geode Paper Garland

    diy paper geode garland
    Lia Griffith

    This paper garland craft is unique. The banner has hard edged paper geode shapes in multi colors. Hang some on your walls to make a bold home decor statement.

    DIY Paper Geode Garland from Lia Griffith

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    Simple Spring Banner

    simple spring banner
    The Happy Scraps

    Are you looking for an Easter or spring themed banner? This will surely be the project for you! Each banner flag features a simple daisy flower form glued onto a banner flag. The flags are made from pastel colored paper on top of brown kraft paper. Just cut out the shapes with your electronic die cut machine, glue and hang on twine.

    A quick and easy way to celebrate the coming of spring in your home.

    Simple Spring Banner from The Happy Scraps

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    Colorful Banner to Welcome Summer

    summer paper banner
    The Happy Scraps

    Summer is the favorite season for a lot of people. Children love it because it means the end of the school season and the beginning of long endless days of play. Hang this cute banner in your home to welcome the season.

    This banner project is a good way to use up all those bits and pieces of leftover scrapbook paper from your other projects. 

    Colorful Summer Banner from The Happy Scraps

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    Vintage Style Doily Banner

    paper doily banner
    Raising Up Rubies

    Are you the type of person that loves vintage decor? You will love this old fashioned styled banner from paper and doilies. This is a lovely feminine garland that would be perfect as a bridal or baby shower decoration.

    Pretty Doily Banner from Raising Up Rubies

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    Green Paper Leaf Garland

    paper leaf garland
    Oh Oh Blog

    Make a garland that is bold and dramatic in design. The garland is made from dark green, light green and beige leaves. Make a striking statement at your next event with this simple but elegant garland.

    Make a Paper Leaf Garland from Oh Oh Blog

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    Balloons and Flowers Party Garland

    flower and balloon banner
    Little Inspiration

    This garland made from flowers and balloons is a decoration that your guest will remember. Balloons and flowers are tied together to make a striking combination. Get ready to stand back and receive compliments with this party decoration.

    DIY Spring Balloon & Flower Garland from Little Inspiration

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    Spring Paper Flower Garland

    spring flower garland
    Lia Griffith

    Lia Griffith is certainly the queen of paper flower crafting, and she does not disappoint with this garland craft. Make this lovely flower and leaf garland to place over your fireplace during the warmer months. So pretty!

    Spring Paper Flower Garland from Lia Griffith

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    DIY Newspaper Garlands

    newspaper banners
    The House That Lars Built

    A newspaper garland is proof that you do not need to spend a lot of money to make a beautiful paper party garland. All that is required is a newspaper and paint to add some festive charm to your next gathering. This craft is also easy enough for children to make. Make some memories, letting them participate with banner making for your next party!

    DIY Newspaper Garlands from The House That Lars Built

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    Washi Tape Paper Chain Garland

    washi tape paper garland
    One Dog Woof

    Paper chain garlands haves been around forever. It is a craft that is enjoyed by children in kindergarten. This chain, however, has a modern twist. It is made from colorful washi tapes. You will have yards and yards of colorful party garland in no time.

    Washi Tape Paper Chain Garland from One Dog Woof

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    Be Thankful Paper Banner

    be thankful banner
    Tell Love and Party

    This "Be Thankful" banner was originally made to be a Thanksgiving decoration, but it certainly can be displayed at other times. It sends a positive message to all that enter your home.

    The act of being grateful should be something that we celebrate every single day. Everyone has something for which they are thankful. This banner can be a daily reminder to live life feeling appreciative for what we have rather than what we lack.

    Thanksgiving Banner from Tell Love and Party

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    Photo Party Banner

    DIY Photo Banner
    Hello Little Home

    A photo garland is a wonderful way to celebrate the guest of honour at your event. Hang treasured photo memories on twine with small clothespins. This type of party decor is an excellent conversation starter.

    DIY Photo Banner Tutorial from Hello Little Home

    These are just fifteen examples of party banners, but there are hundreds of tutorials that you can find on the internet. Banner craft inspirations are available for every occasion. Paper garlands are quite possibly the easiest and most...MORE versatile party decor on the planet!