An Easy Way to Make a Paper Mache Easter Egg Pinata

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    How to Make a Paper Mache Easter Egg Pinata

    How to Make a Paper Mache Egg
    How to Make a Paper Mache Egg. Submitted by Marcie in CA

    With these simple instructions, learn to make paper mache Easter egg pinatas. Instead of just using these jumbo Easter eggs (pictured) as decorations, you can easily turn them into fun pinatas and fill them with Easter treats.

    You'll need at least an hour for this project, but, note, that this time frame does not include drying time. This is an appropriate craft-making opportunity for children ages 5 and up, but this project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time...MORE depending on your circumstances.

    If you've made paper mache before and are familiar with the process, you'll likely move through the project more quickly.

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    The Materials You'll Need

    To make the paper mache Easter egg pinata, you'll need the following materials:

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    The Steps to Follow

    Protect your work surface by covering it with newspaper, an old vinyl tablecloth, or anything else that can be easily washed down or thrown away.

    Rip up a newspaper into strips that are about an inch wide and 6- to 8-inches long. Set them aside while you mix up a batch of paper mache paste in a large glass or metal bowl.

    Blow up a balloon so it resembles an oval. Grab a bowl that the balloon will sit on top of. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap so the paper mache doesn't stick to it. Set the...MORE balloon on top of the bowl.

    Dip the newspaper strip into the glue and place it on the balloon. Continue this until you completely cover the balloon. For more help, you can consult these more detailed directions. Make sure you leave a small hole where the balloon is tied if you want to make this into a pinata. Let the first layer of newspaper dry completely.

    Add at least two more layers of paper mache to your balloon. Allow each layer to dry completely before putting on the next layer. When you are done, let your Easter egg dry for at least 24 hours before you do anything else to it.

    If you are making a pinata, pop the balloon. Carefully remove the balloon through the hole in the pinata. Poke four holes around the hole you left. Thread a piece of string, yarn, or even fishing line through each hole and tie them together at the top. Tie a longer piece of string onto these.

    You can now decorate your Easter egg. You can simply paint it or decorate it with squares of tissue paper. Use your imagination and make it unique.

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    An Alternative Method

    There's more than one way to make a paper mache egg. You can make a small "X" in the side of the balloon and then gently place small prizes and treats inside of it. When you finish, apply two to three layers of strips and paste over the "X." After that, you can set it aside to dry.