15 Fun and Easy Paper Mache Projects

oversize paper mache flowers
The House That Lars Built

Paper mache has been an art form since 202 B.C. and is as popular today as ever. If you want to try your hand at paper mache one of the first things you need to do it is to find an inspirational craft tutorial. The following list has fifteen paper mache craft ideas that will spark your interest.

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    faux wood wall letters
    Sisters, What!

    Transform paper mache letters from the craft store into chic wall decor with the help of paint and a sheet of wood veneer. Add some design excitement by substituting a heart filled with succulents to represent the letter O.


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    cloth mache ikea vase hack
    We Are Scout

    Everyone loves an Ikea hack. Turn an ordinary $1.99 Ikea Vasen vase into upscale home decor with cloth and glue. The fabric is substituted for paper with this technique, but the rest of the paper mache process is the same. You will end up with a beautiful vase that looks like a work of art.

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    paper clay string of pearl plant
    Lia Griffith

    Do you have a black thumb when it comes to houseplants? Those of you that find taking care of plants a challenge will love this paper mache project. A pot and a faux string of pearls hanging plant are constructed with celluclay, a dried paper mache product. This plant will always be beautiful, and you will never have to worry about watering it.



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    faux wood hexagon storage boxes
    A Kailo Chic Life

    Make some of these trendy wood veneer boxes to store your items. The beautiful storage containers look quite upscale. No one will ever guess that they are constructed from ordinary paper mache boxes covered with a thin layer of wood.


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    oversize paper mache flowers
    The House That Lars Built

    Giant sized paper mache flowers are easier to make than they look.Use them for party decor, a photo backdrop or theatrical production.

    Plan an outdoor fairy tea party for your little ones. Your backyard will be a magical wonderland when decorated with giant-sized flower party decor.


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    game of thrones crown
    Wrap Champion

    If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will appreciate this paper mache party crown. It is a representation of the crown of antlers worn by Renly Baratheon, one of the heirs to the Iron Throne. Why not make some paper mache crowns for all your friends to wear while hosting a Game of Thrones viewing party. 


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    paper mache cactus vase
    The Apple of My DIY

    Make a southwestern themed vase from cardboard tubes and newspaper. You can use a fresh flower with this vase because small shampoo bottles are hidden inside enabling you to add water.

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    giant paper mache moon
    Jacks & Kate

    Does your child love science? Your children will undoubtedly enjoy this project making a giant-sized moon from paper mache Use the paper mache moon project as both an art lesson and as a tool for teaching astronomy.


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    paper mache hearts on a plate
    Rita Shehan


    Paper mache hearts with black and white doodle art are cute for Valentines day or as a simple piece of home decor. Molds are filled with paper mache, and then doodled hearts are decoupaged to the top.




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    bird bank
    Adventures in Making

    This birdy bank is an alternative to the traditional piggy bank. The paper mache bird is so cute that you will want to use it as part of your home decor, as well as a piggy bank.

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    personal pineapple pinata
    Twine and Table

    Pinatas are a lively addition to any party. If you are having a tropically themed party pineapple pinatas will add fun to your party decor. A bonus is that you can also use the pinata as a party game!


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    paper mache hot air ballon
    Kates Creative Space

    Decorate your child's room with this adorable giant paper mache hot air balloon. The balloon has a hanging basket complete with two of the cutest mice aviators. Your child's creativity will be sparked imagining far away adventures every time they look at the hot air balloon.


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    paper mache hamburger
    Studio DIY

    Have you ever wanted to play with your food but were prevented by an adult scolding you for bad behavior? Now you can! Immortalize the ordinary burger and fries as a piece of sculpture.The burger sculpture looks surprisingly realistic and is a fun piece of pop art.


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    disco ball costume
    Studio DIY

    This Halloween make a paper mache costume that will be the hit of any Halloween party. Construct this clever costume from a 36-inch balloon, holographic tape, and lots of paper mache. You will be the belle of the ball (literally) with this unique ensemble.


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    paper mache carnivorous plant
    The Surpriseaholic

    Decorate your plants on Halloween with a scary carnivorous paper mache creature complete with a set a realistic looking teeth. Your home will look as if it was a scene in The Little Shop of Horrors. Kids will love the creepy vibes this Halloween decoration projects. The carnivorous plant is guaranteed to send chills down the spine of anyone that gets too close.