Paper Jewelry Origami Book Review

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    Paper Origami Jewelry Book Review

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    Tuttle Pulbishing

    Most people, when asked to define origami, will give you the standard answer.They will tell you that art of origami consists of paper squares folded into flower or animal shapes and leave it at that. You can make more with origami than the traditional folded paper crane. The authors of Origami Jewelry Easy-To-Make Paper Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings show that it is possible to create beautiful, durable and unique origami jewelry by folding paper into simple geometric shapes and...MORE attaching the necessary metal hardware. This book is intended for use by novices and experienced origami artists alike and will teach you how to become an origami jewelry expert. If you love origami projects, then you will find these artistic jewelry projects just stunning.

    Learn More About the Authors

    World renowned origami experts Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander have been designing and selling unique pieces of origami jewelry from their Origamido Studio stores for years. These paper artists generously share a lifetime of their accumulated knowledge of origami paper folding techniques in the book. 

    As an added gift the authors have granted permission for royalty-free use of all of the projects in the publication.  That's right! You can make and sell these lovely paper jewelry creations without any worry of copyright restrictions. Do you want to set up a website selling origami jewelry using paper folding methods from this book? No problem! How great is that!

    An Overview of the Content Available in the Book

    The book includes instructions for over 20 types of paper beads,  as well as sections covering the following topics: types of papers, origami materials, cutting methods, back coating paper techniques which ensure paper durability, two gift box projects, and glues. The photos are stunning and inspirational.

    I have always had a problem trying to follow complicated origami step drawings, and this is where Michael and Richard have made the learning process ever so simple. The book has an instructional DVD included which I believe is the "jewel" of this publication. The video tutorials that accompany the book on the accompanying DVD help make following graphics of complicated folding techniques simple.

    You can easily make all the projects in the book once you have mastered the preliminary paper folding form, a square piece of paper that has four sets of folds that radiate from the center.  If you get confused while trying to follow the origami folding instructions in the book, just pop in the DVD to your computer or DVD player and follow the video tutorials. It is almost the same as having Michael and Richard right there with you as your personal instructors.


    I believe that anyone who is an origami enthusiast and interested in making paper jewelry will benefit from the tutorials offered in the book and accompanying DVD. There are, however, a few things that I would have like to have seen included in the book.

    A few step by step tutorials showing how to make an origami jewelry piece from start to finish would be beneficial for the beginning jewelry maker. Not everyone who will read the book will have prior jewelry making experience, and it can be confusing to jump to different areas of the book for help when trying to make a project.

    I also had one other small wish. Perhaps a list of sources could have been provided for those that want to make exact duplicates of the inspirational photos accompanying the bead folding instructions.

    Make sure to view the next slide to see paper earrings that I made following instructions for the Wolverine Claws designed by Richard L. Alexander and found on page 49 of the book.

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    My Version of the Wolverine Claws Origami Paper Earrings

    paper origami earrings
    Rita Shehan

     Review of Wolverine Claws designed by Richard L. Alexander and found on page 49 of the book.

    It is my belief that to review a craft book honestly; it is necessary to try one or more of the projects. I thought the Wolverine Claws paper earrings were gorgeous and just my style.

    I tried to follow the book at first but got thoroughly confused when I attempted to comprehend the diagrams. I then went to the DVD for help and was able to construct the earrings after a few tries on scrap paper.

    Once I...MORE mastered the folding technique the earrings took less than 5 minutes to make. At that rate, I can have a whole collection of lovely earrings to suit my moods. I think they look fabulous and have received many compliments when wearing them.

    Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.