Parachute’s Brand New Collection Is Its Most Sustainable Yet

Introducing the GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Collection

Bedding from Parachute's Organic Cotton Collection

Courtesy of Parachute

Sustainability is slowly becoming less of a corporate buzzword and more of a daily effort we can all work toward—a goal internet-favorite home brand Parachute is championing. The maker of the beloved sheet sets we all know and love made a sustainability pledge earlier this year to become certified climate neutral, introduce circular production cycles, and use responsible materials and ethical manufacturing for its products (among other endeavors), and the company is already backing up its pledge with its first-ever GOTS-certified organic collection.

Bedding and bathware items in the brand-new Organic Cotton Collection meets the criteria outlined by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for being sustainable, ethical, and fair—and, as you’d expect from Parachute, it’s stunning and practical, too.

Consisting of 22 brand new items from robes and loungewear to bath towels, bedding sets, and quilts, the Organic Collection will be a permanent Parachute offering, meaning it’s not just a capsule collection or a fleeting option: You can always choose to go more sustainable at Parachute now. Each item is made of ethically harvested and organic cotton, and the color options are all soothing, grounding shades that include Moss (a toned-down, natural green), Bisque (a warm beige-ish hue), and Flax (an off-white), among others.

Sustainable, responsibly produced goods are nothing new for Parachute: The exciting achievement of the Organic Cotton Collection is that it takes Parachute’s offerings to new levels of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Bath items from Parachute's Organic Cotton Collection

Courtesy of Parachute

“Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges facing our generation,” says Ariel Kaye, Parachute founder and CEO. “I launched Parachute eight years ago with Oeko-Tex certified bedding, free of any harsh chemicals and synthetics, because I believe in the importance of doing our part to reduce environmental impact. I’m excited that we are continuing to evolve our sustainable practices with our new organic collection. It’s soft, beautiful, and made with the utmost care. We consistently strive to grow and evolve with our community and protect our environment, and we’re ready to take these commitments to the next level.”

That commitment to sustainability doesn’t come at the cost of comfort, though. Parachute has built a well-earned reputation of selling high-quality, durable home goods that you truly love to use—who knew you could love bath towels this much?—and maintains that legacy with the Organic Cotton Collection.

“We have always made premium quality, natural fiber home essentials designed to last,” Kaye says. “This approach of conscious consumption drives us to deepen our sustainability commitments, because we believe you should feel as good about purchasing our products as you do when using them in everyday life.”

Crafted with care (and designed entirely in-house), the line feels comfy and casual, with items that are as soft as your favorite old t-shirt from day one. And with loungewear, bathroom textiles, and everything you need to craft the perfect bedscape, you can truly fill your whole space with better-feeling (and better for the planet) surfaces. The clean, minimalist color palette of the line doesn’t include any patterns (though there are some lovely textured throws), which just makes it easier to incorporate better materials everywhere.

Parachute fans are sure to find plenty to love within the new collection—and fans of high-quality, lasting, sustainable home goods are likely to find some new favorites, too.

Bed set from Parachute's Organic Cotton Collection

Courtesy of Parachute

The Organic Cotton Collection from Parachute is available now, online at