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    Herringbone Patterned Parquet Floor With Varnish

    Parquet flooring is an exquisite union of human artistry and natural hardwood beauty. Formed from tiny slats of wood, the individual pieces in the floor are arranged in repeating patterns, which stretch out to create more and more complex arrangements as they are laid. The result is a floor that swims with visual interest, rich in the contrasting patterns found in each individual piece.

    In the above picture we see select grade parquet flooring laid in a herringbone pattern. A coat of varnish is being applied to the material, and as you can see this adds a depth and richness to the color of the wood which is quite striking and dramatic. At the same time the simple arrangement of the slats belies the more complex pattern that emerges when you look at the overall effect.

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    Straightline Parquet Office Flooring Picture

    The parquet flooring shown in this picture is arranged in a pattern known as straightline. This makes it look very similar to a regular hardwood flooring installation. However, if you look closely you will see that the individual slats in this floor are very small, making the pattern that they form much busier visually, than you get with a regular hardwood floor. This lends a sense of frenetic energy to this traditional office setting.

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    Haddon Hall Parquet Wood Flooring Picture

    This graphic represents the Haddon Hall parquet wood pattern. This is a very popular, traditional style pattern, formed from square tiles installed in straight lines adjacent to one another. The resulting look is both stately, and regal, and is especially attractive in large formal spaces.

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    Inlaid Parquet Flooring From The Hermitage Museum

    This exquisite inlaid parquet floor can be found in the Hermitage Museum, in St. Petersburg, Russia. It features a variety of wood chip colors, all laid in precise, tight formations, to create a symphony of contrasts.

    The centerpiece medallion is crafted from geometrically shaped hardwood inserts, and the border is made from contrasting light and dark wood patterned slats. The result is a floor that is as much a work of art as a functional architectural element.

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    Finger Block Parquet Basement Floor Picture

    Here we see a parquet floor installed in a finished basement. While this material is not suitable for many below grade locations, some basements may have the necessary flood and moisture prevention measures in place. In this picture, the floor has been laid in a finger block pattern, which creates a rich visual texture in what is otherwise a fairly unadorned space.

    More About Basement Floors

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    Elegant Diamond Parquet Living Room Flooring

    parquet living room flooring pictures
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    In this picture, we see a formal living room setting, adorned in classic historical furnishings, and matched with a diamond pattern parquet floor. The exquisite inlaid wood creates a sense of grandeur, which matches the historically styled decorative choices in this space. This is then tempered by the choice of shabby chic white cloth couches and seating arrangements, which contrast with the lush patterns found elsewhere in the room.

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    Refinished Finger Block Parquet Flooring Picture

    refinished parquet flooring pictures
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    Like traditional hardwood plank floors, parquet can be sanded down and refinished to revitalize the look of the material when it ages over time. In this picture, we see a freshly refinished parquet floor, set in a finger block pattern. This is contrasted with the faded, yellowed look of the same parquet material in unfinished form, adorning the connecting hallway.

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    Mt. Vernon Parquet Pattern Flooring

    The Mt Vernon is a particularly attractive parquet pattern, as it makes use of concentric squares, layered one within the other, to create contrasting patterns of color and design. These are then adorned in their medallion center with an emblem piece that crowns the entire effect.