These Parrot Adoption Organizations Are Adoption Done Right

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    Adoption And Education Foundations Continue To Make A Difference

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    Adoption has been on the forefront of the bird world for quite a few years. Due to the need for homes for these long-lived birds, parrot adoption and education foundations have popped up in many places. Some of them you might have heard of, such as Best Friends Animal Society and Phoenix Landing. Some are smaller and haven’t been around as long but are making headway and becoming more well known. I know there are many others that are reputable and do things the right way, but these are the ones...MORE I am either familiar with or have been given a high recommendation from people who work in other reputable adoption organizations.

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    Iowa Parrot Rescue Is Forging Ahead!

    Bruce Thayer

    Two adoption organizations that I am familiar with are smaller but do amazing work and do what many would say, “Rescue Done Right.” The first is Iowa Parrot Rescue. Mike Hutchison in Letts, Iowa began Iowa Parrot Rescue in 1997. Previous to opening Iowa Parrot Rescue Mike was a human rights worker in El Salvador and Guatemala and he served in the Marines in Vietnam.

    Iowa Parrot Rescue currently has about 71 parrots; most of which are in need of rehoming. His place is clean, his methods of caring...MORE for them are sound and he feeds the birds a great diet. Mike was a teacher before turning to this rehoming work, but he loves it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 

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    New Location, New Facility: Parrot Cove Exotic Bird Preserve

    Photo Courtesy of Parrot Cove

    The second is Parrot Cove Exotic Bird Preserve. Formerly Black Hills Parrot Rescue, it has changed its name to Parrot Cove. Previously located in Bell Fourche, South Dakota, they recently relocated to Florida in Myakka City, Florida where they feel that the climate will be more natural for the birds. And to be honest, I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that South Dakota winter weather. Their birds can now be outdoors almost all year round in the warmth and sun of the Florida climate.

    I visited...MORE their place in South Dakota during an open house and admired their setup. It’s also very clean, well organized and they had both indoor and outdoor enclosures. They do a wonderful job and I wish them success in their new location. I hope to visit them in the very near future and see what their new place looks like.

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    Phoenix Landing: An East Coast Gem!

    Photo Courtesy of Phoenix Landing

     Phoenix Landing Founder Ann Brooks used to work for the government. Now she runs one of the most successful adoption and education foundations in the country. I’ve known Ann for years and she is completely dedicated to her foundation, Phoenix Landing. (PL) While she doesn’t have a brick and mortar location, her foundation has re-homed thousands of birds over the years with an interesting model. All of the birds under the wing of PL are in foster situations and this model seems to be working for...MORE them. Phoenix Landing has chapters in Asheville, North Carolina where she currently resides as well as Virginia and Maryland. 

    The PL chapters function pretty much identically with education events occurring at all of the chapters every month. The fact that there is no actual foundation building keeps the overhead down and allows more birds to be adopted as they are in more locations throughout each area.  Her motto is simple: “Helping Parrots.” You can’t get any more direct than that! 

    She believes strongly in education and we are in agreement in that. The more thoroughly you educate families, the more likely their birds will remain with them. This is a win-win because the bird and families are happier with more knowledge and the birds stay out of the adoption system lightening the load on the rescues. It’s another “Rescue Done Right.” I love what Ann does and what she is trying to accomplish. She is savvy, smart and runs PL like a business as you should when you run a non-profit foundation. Phoenix Landing volunteers are well trained and love the work they do.

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    Florida Parrot Rescue: Making Inroads

    Photo Courtesy of Florida Parrot Rescue

    Florida Parrot Rescue, (FPR) has made huge inroads since they were founded in 2006. Modeled very much like Phoenix Landing, they are an all volunteer organization with no brick and mortar facility using a foster-home system to care for their birds. They have education seminars and because of the foster home program, they don’t have a crowding problem. They work with 13 Vets across the state. In their words, “We strive to educate parrot owners on proper handling and care of parrots.” I have...MORE participated with FPR at an event as well as assisting in getting a neglected blue and gold macaw into their system that was in dire need of help. So I have seen first-hand how they work and admire their tenacity and vision.

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    Best Friends Animal Society: Making A Difference

    Photo Courtesy Of Best Friends Animal Society

     And of course there is Best Friends. Best Friends Animal Society is the big man on campus in the rescue and adoption world as they are one of the biggest and most successful non-profits in the country. They are located in Kanab, Utah on three thousand acres of privately owned land that sits on the edge of a vast stretch of Federal Bureau of Land Management property. This place is big! With hundreds of dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, horses, pigs and birds, Best Friends is world famous. They adopt...MORE many, many companion animals each year.

    After the airing of National Geographic’s TV program Dogtown ,a show about rehabilitating the Michael Vick dogs, the fame of Best Friends hit an all-time high. They have a big budget, tons of volunteers who travel from all over to help out and they are a highly rated animal adoption organization at Guidestar and Charity Navigator, two online websites where you can check to see how well non-profits rate in the way they spend their money, where it goes and how well they do in various other categories. 

    I was one of those volunteers and I can tell you from first-hand experience how well run the place is. They are well-funded and pop up in the news here and there. They have begun outreach programs such as their “No Kill L.A.” program. Best Friends is firmly established, well dug in and you won’t see them disappearing any time soon. They’re very well run and place hundreds of animals every year including parrots.  

    While they all vary in size, location and scope of services and business models, in my opinion these rescues are the ones I am most familiar with and can recommend highly. Their models work for them, they all run a tight ship and they have a good approach to handling the business of rehoming their charges. 

    If you choose to give a donation to any of these organizations, I assure you they will indeed be appreciative. They will use your money carefully and use it well. 

    And they would also be grateful for any toys, and other donations they all have on their respective “Wish Lists.” 

    And if you wish to volunteer, they would love that too!