Appetizer Recipes

A Variety of Appetizer Recipes for Parties, Games, and Get-Togethers

Peach Mini Cheesecake With Cinnamon Peach Topping
Peach Mini Cheesecake. Photo: Diana Rattray
Dip and Spread Recipes
Appetizer Meatballs in Wine Sauce
Appetizer Puffs
Appetizer Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Artichoke Appetizer Tart
Apple-Sausage Bites
Asparagus Roll-Ups
Asparagus and Ham Roll Ups
Bacon Puffs With Cheese
Bacon Swiss Appetizer
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts
Baked Buffalo Wings
Baked Ham & Cheese Quesadillas
Baked Taco Chicken Wings
Barbecued Chicken Drummettes
Barbecued Chicken Wontons
Bean & Bacon Pizza
Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites
Barbecued Chicken Wontons
Boudin Balls With Remoulade Sauce
Bourbon Chicken Wings
Broiled Barbecued Chicken Wings
Cajun Chicken Wings
Cajun Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Caramel Popcorn
Cayenne Toasts
Cheddar Cheese Ball With Pecans
Cheese and Chutney Stuffed Celery
Cheese Popcorn
Cheese Puffs With Bacon
Cheese Sesame Logs
Cheese Sticks Snack Recipe
Cheese Straws
Cheese Straws II
Cheese Twists
Cheese Walnut Bites
Cheesy Barbecue Popcorn
Cheesy Mexican Appetizer
Chicken Bites Recipe
Chicken Sandwich Ideas
Chicken and Bacon Tidbits
Clam Bites
Coated Pecans
Cocktail Franks With Currant Jelly
Cocktail Sesame Wafers
Cornucopia Sandwiches
Crab Appetizer Balls, Janet
Crab Balls
Crab Rounds With Bacon
Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms
Crabby Bites
Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs
Cream Cheese Tart with Tasso or Ham
Crispy Chicken Fingers
Crispy Fried Pickles
Crockpot Barbecued Meatballs
Crunchy Party Mix
Deep Fried Butternut Squash
Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs With Fresh Basil
Deviled Eggs With Mustard
Deviled Oysters
Doris's Seafood Kabobs
Easy Cocktail Sauce
Easy Pesto Pinwheels
Eggplant Creole Appetizer With Crab Sauce
Fabulous Stuffed Mushrooms - Low Carb
Festive Sausage Balls
Fondant-Stuffed Dates
Fried Cheese Bites
Game Day Nachos
Garlic Pita Chips
Glazed Sausage Bites
Granola Popcorn Balls
Grape Jelly Meatballs
Green Tomato Pizza
Guava Barbecued Chicken Drummies
Ham Balls With Jezebel Sauce
Ham and Cheddar Bundles
Ham Salad Rolls
Hot Crabmeat Canapes
Hot Wings
Jalapeno Poppers
Janet's Crab Bites
Little Smokies With Spicy Sauce
Maple Chicken Wings
Melba Toast
Mexican Bean Dip
Mini Burgers
Mini Burger Buns
Mini Cheddar and Green Onion Quiches
Mini Peach Cheesecakes
Mini Pumpkins with Cajun Cream Cheese Filling
Mini Peach Cobblers
Mozzarella Cubes
Muffuletta Canapes
Mussels Mariniere
Nachos With Ground Beef and Cheese
Nachos for Microwave
Noodle Nibbles
Onion Rounds
Oyster Puffs
Oysters Casino
Oysters Rockefeller
Olive Cheese Bites
Olive Cheese Nuggets
Oyster Puffs
Oysters Casino Recipe With Bacon
Parmesan Wafers or Baskets
Party Rye With Cheddar
Party Tuna Puffs
Pecan Cheese Ball
Peppered Pecans
Pepperoni Breadsticks
Pickled Mushrooms With Garlic
Pigs in Blankets
Portobello Mushrooms and Grilled Shrimp on Focaccia with Goat Cheese Spread
Pulled Pork BBQ Cups
Pumpkin Tartlets
Quiche Squares
Ranch Party Mix
Remoulade Sauce
Salmon Ball Appetizer
Salmon Log Appetizer
Sassy Saucy Meatballs
Saucy Jack Daniel's Barbecue Chicken Drumettes
Sausage Balls I
Sausage-Cheese Balls
Savory Crab Cakes
Savory Snack Mix
Scallops and Bacon Appetizer Recipe
Sesame Chicken Wings
Sesame Chicken Wings II
Sesame Turkey Cubes
Shrimp Balls
Shrimp Cocktail Recipe
Shrimp Dip With Sour Cream
Shrimp Puff Appetizer Squares
Shrimp Stuffed Celery
Simple Egg Salad
Simple Sugared Bacon
Smoked Sausage Bites
Spicy Cajun Style Chicken Wings
Sweet Spiced Nuts
Spicy Chile Meatballs With Barbecue Sauce
Spicy Glazed Chicken Wings
Spiced Meatballs
Spiced Nuts
Spiced Peanuts
Spiced Pecans
Spiced Walnuts
Spicy Hot Buttered Pecans
Spicy Mixed Nuts
Spinach Beggars Purses
Spinach Bites
Steak Sandwich With Mustard Spread
Strawberry Flowers
Stuffed Celery With Blue Cheese Mixture
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed Mushrooms With Cheese
Stuffed Mushrooms With Swiss Cheese
Stuffed Mushrooms With Ham
Stuffed Pizza Bread, Maddymoo
Summer Tomato Sandwiches
Sweet Milk Biscuits
Sweet Onion Muffuletta
Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet Potato Sausage Balls
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Tangy Cocktail Franks
Tiny Tacos Appetizer
Taco Snack Mix
Toasted Cheese Logs
Toasted Pecans
Tortilla Roll Up Appetizers
Tortilla Roll-Ups
Tortilla Roll Ups With Smoked Salmon
Tuna Bites With Cream Cheese
Tuna Pecan Ball
Tuna Tomato Bites
Tuna Pinwheel Appetizer
Turkey Meatballs
Vegetable Pizza
Yogurt Fruit Dip
Zesty Snack Mix
Zucchini Pancakes

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