Valentines Day Party Idea: Love Games for Kids

Child coloring heart with crayon.
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Looking for fun ways for the kids to celebrate Valentine's Day? These love games for kids are a great way to get everyone moving. laughing and sharing good times.  So, share the fun and spread the love with these Valentine's Day party games!

Who Do You Love?

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • PlayersThere are no age requirements or restrictions on how many people can participate, but you should have a decent sized group for optimal gameplay.
  • Time Required: five minutes to an hour, depending on how much fun everyone's having
  • What You Need: One chair for every child, minus one.( for instance, if there are 15 kids, use 14 chairs.)

How to Play:

  1. Arrange the chairs in a circle so that the seats are facing inside.
  2. The player who is “it” stands in the center of the circle, and the other kids sit in the chairs facing her.
  3. The “it” approaches one of the seated children and says, “Who do you love?” The player who is approached must come up with an answer, such as “I love everyone wearing pink” or “I love everyone who has a dog,” and then anyone wearing pink or who has a pet dog must stand up and scramble to find a new seat.
  4. Players cannot shift to the seat next to them, should it become vacant. They must move at least two chairs away from their original spot.
  5. In the meantime, the player who is "it" should try to sit down in one of the vacant chairs.
  6. Once everyone finds a spot, the one player left standing becomes the new “it” and must then approach a seated player and ask, “Who do you love?”
  7. There’s no definitive end to the game and no winner. Keep playing for as long as the children are having fun.

Musical Hearts

If you played Who Do You Love? you can use the same chairs to play this next game.

  • DifficultyEasy
  • Players: This game works best with at least five or more players.
  • Time Required: Depends on the number of players (figure about one-to-two minutes per player)

How to Play:

  1. Set the chairs up as you would for a traditional game of musical chairs.
  2. Tape a paper heart to the back of each chair.
  3. Play some music and have kids circle the chairs as it plays.( A great way to enhance the theme of your party is to use love songs for the music, particularly ones that frequently mention the words "heart" or "love.") 
  4. Have kids circle the chairs as the music plays.
  5. Stop the music every few moments. Each time it stops, the players must sit in a chair. The one player left standing is out, a chair is removed and a new round begins.
  6. Keep playing until only one player and one chair are left in the game. 

Love Charades

This game is played just like traditional charades, but all of the prompts contain the term "love."

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Players: Must be old enough to read prompts and act them out.

How to Play

  1. Divide your players into two teams.
  2. Provide each team with a list of prompts, usually written on individual pieces of paper, folded up and placed in a hat or bowl.
  3. Teams take turns sending one player up to draw a prompt and act it out without speaking. A timer is set and that players teammates must guess what he is acting before time runs out. 
  4. Score a point each time a team guesses correctly before the timer rings. 

Some Love-Themed Prompt Suggestions:

  • Lovebirds.
  • Love songs.
  • Lovesick.
  • Love letters.
  • I love you.

Combine these terms with a collection of song, movie, book or television show titles, such as Love is an Open Door, I Love Lucy or Guess How Much I Love You?

Updated by Christine Gauvreau