Getting to Know You, A Little Better - Party Ice Breaker Game

A Good Ice Breaker Game for an Established Group

Group of friends playing a game
John Howard/Digital Vision/Getty Images
Ice breaker games are often used in new groups to help with introductions. Sometimes, however, groups have been together for a while and the group leader is looking to bring everyone a little closer. For example, a volunteer group may meet monthly to work on a project, know one another's names, but not much else about the other members of the group. This game will help to break the ice to bring the group to a deeper level.
This game works well with a group of 8 - 12 people.

As members arrive for the group, ask each person to write down on a slip of paper two unknown, unusual facts about herself. Put all the papers in a basket and ask the group to sit in a circle. Pass the basket around the circle and when each person gets it, they take a slip of paper and read the facts aloud to the group. The group tries to guess who those facts describe. Once the person is discovered, the group can ask questions and learn more about that person.