Fun Party Tips for a Nursing School Graduation

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    Med School and Nursing School Graduation Party

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    Finishing med school or nursing school is a huge achievement, one that definitely warrants celebration! All those years of study, sleepless nights and memorization of body parts merit a terrific graduation party.

    These party tips work well for both new doctors and nurses. Their training may have been vastly different, but the iconic tools of both professions - scrubs, syringes, eye charts and stethoscopes - make great party elements for either.

    Who doesn't love surgical cookies and cocktails?

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    Medical Graduation Party Decor

    Party Decor
    Party Decor. Google Images

    Use medical elements to inspire your decor with a color palate of white and red (so hospital-ish) with touches of scrubs-green.

    Layer the Table

    The table will have more eye appeal if dishes are placed at different heights, which can be accomplished different ways.

    • Place a row of low, sturdy boxes at the back of the table before draping it with a white sheet or tablecloth.
    • Use cake stands or place platters atop thick medical textbooks to play with height.

    Just make sure that whatever you end up with...MORE is sturdy and stable so platters don't wobble.

    Add Medical Novelties

    A row of large apothecary jars filled with red and white candies makes a fun element and looks great with a stethoscope draped around one.

    Plastic test tubes can hold drinks and add atmosphere. Fill them with a boozy shot drink if you like.

    Hang those distinctive Snellen eye charts behind the table. Make one of your own on, a free online site that lets you customize the letters.

    Medical Party Games

    Graduation parties don't need much beyond a fun playlist and plenty of food and drinks. If you are looking for interactive elements here are two ideas, neither of which involves pinning the pancreas on the patient.

    • Take that classic Operation game to your local copy store and have them blow it up to life-size. Then follow these instructions from a Wisconsin middle school science teacher and turn it into a gigantic, fully operational game, buzzers and all.
    • Set up a DIY photo booth, complete with scrubs, toy stethoscopes and other props so everyone can, er, play doctor.

    P.S. When you're setting up your party space, don't forget to designate a place for graduation gifts for the new doctor or nurse.

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    Med School Party Cocktails & Sips

    cocktail. Google Images

    Oh, the fun you can have integrating a medical school theme with great drinks!

    Serve a Corpse Reviver

    What med student or nurse could resist a cocktail with a name like that? The Corpse Reviver #2 may not revive the dead, but this classic mix of gin, Lillet, Cointreau, lime juice and absinthe will certainly delight the living.

    The beauty of this drink - besides the awesome name, of course - is that it can be made in large batches, then shaken over ice and poured to order.

    Custom Swizzle Sticks

    Make...MORE custom swizzles with a medical theme.

    • Print tiny eye charts or Operation game boards (the one pictured is 1-by-2-inches) on card stock or photo paper.
    • Laminate each print to protect it from cocktail splashes and wet hands.
    • Glue it to the end of a swizzle stick or small skewer.

    Non-alcoholic Drinks?

    As responsible adults (especially in the medical field!), it is important to offer guests a non-alcoholic drink option as well.

    Personalized Jones Soda bottles can really be fun. Upload any image - the hapless Operation game patient or your new doctor or nurse - and they will print customized labels to adorn bottles of grape, green apple or strawberry-lime soda.

    Make your own labels - proclaiming them IV supplies, etc. - to wrap water bottles.

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    Fab Food for a Med Graduation Party

    Great Food
    Great Food. Google Images

    This is a party for grown-ups, of course, so you can serve delicate canapes or burgers and fries.

    There are some really adorable dessert options out there, including cookies that look like scrubs from a Texas baker, LoveBug650, via Etsy.

    Kara Allen's party planning site has fun ideas as well. Her doctor-themed party ideas are designed for a children's party, but there are several elements that will appeal to everyone. Bandaged cups, "doctor pops" - cake pops that look ready for the...MORE operating room - and a candy bar with marshmallow "cotton balls," who can resist that?

    Now go celebrate!