Pastel And Modern Bathroom Color Palettes

Your bathroom color palette is the basis for your decor. The colors can be applied in many different ways: paint, tile, accessories, countertops and furniture.

This post focuses on a variety of pastel and modern bathroom palettes. The pastel ones are appropriate for a more traditional bathroom, whether feminine or gender-neutral. You'll also find a few that are darker and more modern.

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    Soft and Dreamy

    bathroom color palette
    Design Seeds/@cherfoldflowers

    Perfect for traditional bathrooms, this soft and dreamy palette just inspires calm and relaxation.

    Neutral off-white, tan and beiges are a perfect backdrop to any bathroom decor. The blues are soft and sky-like, which makes them great for those who want color, but still a subdued kind.

    This palette is also an excellent choice for a neutral guest bathroom. Not too flashy, not too boring: the right balance between appealing to your sense of decor, and appealing to guests with all kinds of tastes.

    Cons...MOREider this palette for an easily manageable decor that you can update by simply changing the accessories.

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    Lavender Cloud

    lavender color palette
    Design Seeds/@grainandfeather

    There's something absolutely feminine and relaxing about this palette. I love how it's inspired by the naturally sweet colors of nature: the tender green, the lovely flowery lavenders, and of course the natural shade of wood, that's very much like the latte coffee.

    This palette is perfect for a more feminine bathroom. A single woman's bathroom in her new condo, or a powder room, would do very well in these shades. 

    The two taupe shades work well as a neutral base on which on build...MORE with the lavenders and green. The result will be something relaxing (like lavender oil!) and that reminds you of a spring meadow.

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    A Strong Space

    grey neutral color palette
    Design Seeds/@djmight

    This beautiful color palette will instantly catch your eye with its strength and masculinity.

    Perfect for a modern space, this palette works with off-white, slate greys and a single dark red for emphasis. 

    This palette could be used to wonderful effect in a mosaic tile for a walk-in style shower, for example. But it can also work used as paint and countertop colors. Use the red as an accent in accessories (a rug, towels, etc.). 

    This is a perfect palette for those who prefer edgier, more modern...MORE decor styles. The neutral base with a single bright color is best for highlighting interesting architectural and decor features, or for looking minimalist but not boring.

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    Retro Green

    green color palette bathroom
    Design Seeds/@suertj

    When it comes to decorating a retro bathroom, the right color palette is essential. And this one is perfect for that purpose.

    This soothing mix of green and off-whites inspired by the beach has a little 50s air around it. Green inspires relaxation and peace, as well as connection with nature. Their warmth, paired with cooling grey-whites, will make you feel rejuvenated anytime you take a shower or bath.

    And best of all, this color palette is gender-neutral. Not too feminine, not too masculine,...MORE it's the perfect balance of colors for a design-conscious couple doing their first bathroom decoration or renovation.

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    Updated Classic Beige

    bathroom color palette
    Design Seeds/@marjamatkalla

    This palette should be in your decor toolbox for many reasons, especially if you're a renter. The top color is widely known as "apartment beige", which is a common shade apartments are painted in.

    These colors fit perfectly if you're stuck with apartment beige. The grey-tan is nice for a modern touch, and the soft blue-greens fit the theme of a bathroom to a T. 

    If you're looking for a sense of serenity and calm in your bathroom, this palette is an excellent choice. Blue-green...MORE reminds us of calm waters, and the sandy shades bring us back to the beach.

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    Sophisticated Feminine

    bathroom color palette
    Design Seeds/@park_berlin

    The beauty of this particular set of colors is that it comes off as feminine, but not saccharine. The pinks have a purple sharpness to them, and the greys have a modern edge that will look sophisticated in any bathroom.

    As a base color, the off-white or the pale green will work perfectly. Add accents and decorative elements in the pinks and greys, and you'll have a space that has a modern yet feminine feel.

    Remember that slate grey is an amazing neutral shade to use whenever you want a touch...MORE of dark... without going all the way to stark black. It's especially appropriate for a bathroom, since natural stone shades usually work really well there.

    Consider finding a mosaic tile with some of these colors for a contemporary decor feel.

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    Dark and Stormy

    bathroom color palette
    Design Seeds/@mademoisellepoirot

    Dark bathrooms are not as popular as lighter ones, but they're still a good choice if you have access to plenty of natural lighting. This palette, which includes slate blues, neutral khakis and a gorgeous wine red, is one you should consider if you want a sophisticated yet luxurious feel to your bathroom.

    You can start off with the two palest shades as your base colors, and then build off of the darker ones with tile, accessories, countertops and furniture. 

    In this case, I think choosing dark...MORE towels will do a great job of adding beautiful, luxurious accents to your bathroom, along with a darker paint color on the furniture. 

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    Lush And Cheers

    bathroom color palette
    Design Seeds/@amermyla

    Feel the warmth of a fresh cup of tea every time you slip in the bath with this beautifully lush color palette. The three top shades are perfect for darker and smaller spaces, and green is well-known to calm and refresh the mind.

    The rusty orange is the perfect contrast to the lush greens: a touch of warmth in this palette is what makes it so special. It works for both feminine and masculine spaces, or as a neutral palette too. 

    The flexibility of these colors makes this palette quite practical...MORE for any kind of space. Change the proportions for a different feel, from delicate and cute to strong and lush.

Finding a good color palette is often a big challenge for those who don't have a good sense of color. Use these suggestions as that---suggestions. Let these colors inpspire you, and don't feel like you need to use each as is!