30 Pastel Rooms That Are Fun and Stylish

pastel room

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Love pastels? We do, too! Pastel colors look beautiful all throughout the home. If you're a fan of this color palette but aren't sure how to best work these happy hues into your home, look no further than the 30 charming rooms we're sharing below. Happy decorating!

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    Wow-Worthy Walls

    multicolored pastel walls

    @my_quirky_home_ / Instagram

    Why paint your walls one color when you can opt to showcase a handful of your favorite hues? This pastel combo looks cohesive, not chaotic, and is an ultra creative alternative to wallpaper.

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    Fun Furnishings

    pastel room

    @candytuftdesign / Instagram

    While pastels are by no means solely for kids' rooms or nurseries, we see them there quite frequently, and they truly do add such a charming touch to a little one's space. Seriously, who wouldn't fall head over heels for a soft pink dresser like this one?

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    Peppy Purple

    pastel room

    @paintthetownpastel / Instagram

    Purple and green make for a cheery combo that will put a pep in your step each and every day.

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    Bright Breakfast Nook

    pastel room

    @paintthetownpastel / Instagram

    Tired of your plain white kitchen? Try going the pastel route. This color scheme will surely make you smile as you brew your morning coffee and pack those school lunches.

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    Happy Hallway

    pastel room

    @reka_thornton_home / Instagram

    Jazz up the hallway with pastel hues aplenty. Paint your doors a fun pastel shade and then hang colorful artwork for a vibrant display.

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    Small Start

    pastel room

    @picsfromcandice / Instagram

    If you're hesitant to paint an entire wall in a pastel color, there's no reason you can't start small. Here, a pastel pink border makes a chic statement behind the sofa. We love how the color provides contrast to the moody, deep green fabric.

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    Terrific Trim

    pastel room

    @annalysejacobs / Instagram

    Paint your trim pastel! These architectural details will really pop when coated in a happy hue like this pretty pink.

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    Curated Combo

    pastel room

    @sparklesonashoestring / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to contrast colors a bit. Pastel pink and blue look adorable paired together and can make for a happy compromise if you just can't choose one hue to feature in a space.

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    Stunning Scallops

    pastel room

    @our_no7home / Instagram

    A scalloped border in a soft pastel purple is what little ones' dreams are made of—seriously, how sweet?!

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    Paint-Free Picks

    pastel room

    @re_leafshop / Instagram

    Even if you can't or don't wish to paint, you can add pastel colors to your space by shopping for textiles in cheery hues. Here, layered pastel bedding adds a touch of sweetness to this sleep space.

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    Swirly Solution

    pastel room

    @our.wee.project / Instagram

    Feeling like going a bit bolder? Mix and match patterns on the wall as we see here; you can replicate this look with paint or by adhering stick-on decals for a renter-friendly option.

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    Lovely Loo

    pastel room

    @picsfromcandice / Instagram

    Don't forget about the bathroom! Your loo deserves a little love, too. Make your space feel a bit more glamorous by introducing pops of pastel there in the form of paint, artwork, and bath accessories.

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    Plush and Pink

    pastel room

    @toileandtiedye / Instagram

    Pastel pink pillows will cozy up your sofa whether it's a bright hue or a dark one. Pillow covers are easy to store and swap out over time, too, don't feel as though you have to commit to one color or pattern forever.

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    Majestic Mantel


    @luvmyabode / Instagram

    Does your fireplace mantel need a bit of a refresh? Go ahead and paint it a pastel hue (in this living room, baby blue is a winning choice!). If you're feeling up for it, you can also tackle your built-in shelves and coat those in a fun pastel hue, too.

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    Minimal Moment

    pastel room

    @elixirinteriordesign / Instagram

    If you're more of a minimalist, you can certainly work pastel pieces into your space. Just start small with the essentials, like this pastel pink table lamp.

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    Magnificent Makeup Room

    pastel room

    @luvmyabode / Instagram

    A pastel pink vanity is a girly girl's dream come true. Make your space feel like a real life dollhouse with a setup like this one that will make getting ready for the day feel ultra glam.

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    Nice Nook

    pastel room

    @behindthepinkdoor_19 / Instagram

    Create a cozy reading nook with pastel seating. These plush pink chairs look nice and elegant against sage green walls.

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    Artful Everyday

    pastel room

    @huney.coves / Instagram

    Make the everyday feel more artful by creating a little vignette atop a dresser or nightstand using favorite pastel pieces.

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    Soothing Sleep Space

    pastel room

    @thealexandersnest / Instagram

    If your room features board and batten, get creative and paint that in a color that brings you joy. This soft purple adds a soothing element to any bedroom.

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    Custom Elements

    pastel room

    @wiltshirewonderland / Instagram

    A pastel fridge and freezer? Hey, why not?! This custom appliance makes a major statement in this already colorful kitchen.

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    Whimsical Moment

    pastel room

    @interior_mama_ / Instagram

    A pastel sideboard will add a dose of whimsy to the living room or dining room and pairs wonderfully with white or wooden furniture alike.

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    Pattern Play

    pastel room

    @jaccomienk / Instagram

    Believe it or not, this beautiful geometric design was actually created using paint, not wallpaper. Pastel shapes like these add intrigue to a space, while the light colors keep things from looking too busy or overwhelming.

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    Stylish Vignette

    pastel room

    @charminglifebyjess / Instagram

    Once you find a pastel piece of furniture, don't stop there. Keep the look going with corresponding accent pieces like candlesticks and vases.

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    Soothing Soak

    pastel room

    @heatherrosieolivehome / Instagram

    Here's another pastel bathroom that's giving us all of the feels. Can you imagine soaking in the tub with a good read and a glass of wine, all while ignoring the outside world? Yup, we can, thanks to this setup that proves colorful surroundings can also be pretty soothing!

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    Pastel Paradise

    pastel room

    @heatherrosieolivehome / Instagram

    Pastels look stunning in this dining room, where they're truly everywhere—on the chairs, walls, bookcases, and door!

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    Sweet Sofa

    pastel room

    @parallelshoreshome / Instagram

    You can't go wrong with a pastel pink sofa. This one shine in a boho style living room.

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    Polished Purple

    pastel room

    @sugarkanedesigns / Instagram

    Purple walls add subtle glamour to this chic living room. For extra flair, consider painting the ceiling, too.

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    Cute Kitchen

    pastel room

    @dommdotcom / Instagram

    A pastel kitchen backsplash is a cheery alternative to classic neutral tile. How delightful is this pink?

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    Artsy Accent

    pastel room

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Abstract art with pastel hues makes a sophisticated statement in this well-styled living room.

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    Charming Canopy

    canopy bed in a pastel room

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    A luxurious canopy bed is right at home in this pastel colored child's bedroom, which is certainly fit for a queen.