20 Patio Furniture Ideas to Help You Make the Most of Your Space

patio with side table

Tiffany Leigh Design

When warmer weather is on its way, you'll want to ensure that your patio is ready for spring and summer entertaining. If you're in the market for some new furniture or just aren't sure how to best lay out the pieces you already have, you'll want to take a look at the spaces shown below. These 20 patio furniture ideas are welcoming, functional, and clever.

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    Set Up a Sectional

    sectional on patio

    Living in Yellow

    A sectional sofa and table make it easy for an entire group to gather on the patio on a sunny day. When selecting patio furniture, it's important to keep material top of mind.

    "Concrete, synthetic resins and teak are the best materials that will fare well on patios and out in the sun," notes Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs. "Depending on the quality, you wouldn't even need to cover the pieces when not in use."

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    Section Off a Space With an Area Rug

    patio with side table

    Tiffany Leigh Design

    Indoor/outdoor rugs are extremely widespread thee days and will help to section off an area of your patio to make it feel a bit more intimate and cozy. There are plenty of eye-catching patterns to choose from; there's truly an option for every aesthetic.

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    Say Yes to Pillows

    egg chair on patio

    Kileen Valenzuela

    Be sure to have fun with pillows. With so many types of outdoor pillows to choose from, there's no reason not to invite some pops of color into your patio furniture setup.

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    Pick Up a Multipurpose Garden Stool

    wood bench and garden stool on patio

    Diana Elizabeth Steffen

    Garden stools not only look cute on the patio, but they also serve a number of useful functions. Whether you wish to use yours as a plant stand, side table, extra stool for visitors—or all of the above—is entirely up to you.

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    Don't Forget an Umbrella

    outdoor umbrella on patio

    Diana Elizabeth Steffen

    When setting up your outdoor dining table, don't forget an umbrella to protect you from the elements. This one can easily be moved around the patio as needed.

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    Try Stools in Lieu of Chairs

    cushioned patio furniture

    Steph Dekker

    You don't need formal chairs for your outdoor dining table; cushioned stools will do the job just as well and are easy to pick up and move as needed.

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    Make Use of a Coffee Table

    patio with coffee table and seating

    Shannon Willardson

    A sofa, coffee table, set of arm chairs, and area rug aren't just for the living room. Why not make your patio an extension of your interior space?

    "Outdoor furniture has gotten better, both design wise and in durability," Hayslett says. "There are also more choices for outdoor fabrics now. So, when trying to meld the outdoors with the indoors, look at what style of furniture and colors you have inside. Then, bring the same look and color palette outside. "

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    Introduce an Egg Chair

    egg chair with moroccan pouf

    @cremedelacruz / Instagram

    What could be more relaxing than curling up in an egg chair or similar hanging piece? We're sure everyone in your household will be fighting over the chance to sit in this cozy spot.

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    Bring on the Bistro Chairs

    outdoor rug with table

    @jojotastic / Instagram

    Bistro chairs look darling both inside and out. Here, they add some extra personality to a simple wooden picnic table.

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    Grab Some Side Tables

    expansive sectional on patio

    Design: Enrique Crespo of Crespo Design Group / Photo: Mike Butler

    Designers say that one can never have too many poufs, ottomans, or side tables, like the ones seen here.

    "They can be pulled over to give foot support so you can really get comfy and relax, but can also be used for extra seating when entertaining," says Christine Vroom of Christine Vroom Interiors.

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    Mix and Match as You Please

    wicker chairs on patio

    Design: Christine Vroom / Photo: Sara Tramp

    Don't be afraid to mix and match materials on your patio. Wicker chairs are a popular outdoor furniture pick and come in a number of styles and finishes.

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    Create Separate Zones Outside

    drink tables on patio

    Design: Breegan Jane / Photo: Ryan Garvin

    If your patio is large enough, it can be beneficial to divvy up the space so that one area is for eating and another is for lounging.

    "We like to allocate separate spaces for these functions: a sitting area grounded with an indoor/outdoor rug with a sofa or sectional arrangement with a few side chairs centered around a fire pit or coffee table, making sure each seat is within reach of a table top to place a beverage," Susan Sutter of Susan Sutter Interiors says.

    Here, a pair of chic side tables can easily be used to house wine glasses and mugs while kicking back.

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    Stick With a Classic

    patio with rainbow mural

    Ashley Wilson

    Bistro tables will never go out of style. Even if you don't have space for an oversized dining table on your patio, you'll want to have the option to enjoy meals and coffee al fresco as you please. A classic Parisian style piece like this one is a classic.

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    Get Nice and Cozy

    sheepskin on patio furniture

    The Merrythought

    Sheepskin throws are one way to make outdoor living feel extra cozy. However, keep in mind that such items will need to be stashed away when they're not in use so that they don't get damaged by water or sun.

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    Lounge Like a Pro

    lounge chair on patio

    The DIY Playbook

    Lounge chairs and daybeds can double as long benches, making it easy for a group of people to sit together by the pool.

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    Roll Out a Bar Cart

    wicker bar cart on patio

    Palm Beach Lately

    Another piece of furniture that can shine both indoors and out? A bar cart.

    "Bar carts or bar tables are underrated for outdoor spaces," Vroom says. "They can act as a table to hold various things like plants, coasters, and even decorative items on the day to day. While entertaining, it can be used for drinks, mixing cocktails, and storing outdoor dishes."

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    Lounge in Style

    patio with pool chairs

    Noelle Interiors

    Here, two teak lounge chairs placed side by side make it easy to dip in and out of the water and relax as needed. Place a small table in the middle for cups, reading material, and more.

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    Showcase Your True Aesthetic

    armchairs on patio

    @paige_malecki / Instagram

    Don't be afraid to showcase your personal style outside. If you love decorating your home with mid-century modern pieces, for example, you can work this style of furniture into your patio space, too—these gorgeous wooden chairs are the perfect example.

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    Look to Your Surroundings

    patio with fireplace

    Noelle Interiors

    An outdoor fireplace sets the scene for cozy evening gatherings, so plenty of seating and surface space for food and drinks is a must. Selecting what colors to incorporate into your patio design all depends on your home's surroundings, Hayslett says.

    "If you've got a space that's out in the woods, then I'd use more of the nature colors seen in the trees and grounds," she says. "But if I was in a city in a high-rise, you wouldn't necessarily see that and get more of an industrial feel and look, so I'd go with more metals and modern colors such as blacks and grays."

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    Light It Up

    patio with string lights

    @mrs.grenz / Instagram

    Last but not least, don't forget to hang some string lights when decking out your patio. This makes it nice and easy to step outside and unwind with a book or some good music after dark and will make your backyard feel like the ultimate hangout spot.