Best Patriotic Toys, Games and Activities for the Holidays

Kids Celebrating 4th of July Holiday
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Throughout the year in the United States there are holidays where Americans celebrate the nation and members of the military. Families and friends get together at celebratory events like parades, fireworks displays and party gatherings to honoring veterans, active duty military members and those who have kept the nation safe by dedicating their life to the service and freedom of this country. At these events, many people enjoy wearing red, white and blue. Others enjoy decorating their homes and...MORE yards for the party and the season. These are the best patriotic toys for kids and families to use when participating in patriotic celebrations.

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    Fidget Spinners

    Fidget spinners are a popular toy among children and adults. These small items can be held in with the thumb and index finger, and many kids like playing games with them and watching them spin around. Fidget spinners can be used as party favors, and can be bought in red, white and blue colors. Some also glow in the dark.

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    Patriotic Costumes

    Going to a parade? Kids may enjoy dressing up as their favorite patriotic character, like Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty and Betsy Ross.

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    Pinwheels are one of the most popular patriotic toys. Kids love to hold the stick and blow them, while watching the wheel spin. Others use pinwheels for decorations in the flower beds

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    Red, White and Blue Glowsticks

    Many 4th of July events have families celebrating fireworks at night, outside. Families also have barbecues and enjoy spending time together at night by a fire, roasting marshmallows and eating S'mores. Red, white and blue glow sticks are the perfect accessory for a night time celebration. Glow sticks can be worn as bracelets and necklaces.

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    Pool Floats

    Having a pool party to celebrate? There are many large inflatable pool floats for guests, some are even in the shape of an American flag!

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    Beach Balls

    Having a cookout or party for the holidays? Red, white and blue beach balls are great for the kids to use when playing backyard games in the yard, pool or at the beach.

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    Inflatable Pool Toys and Pool Noodles

    Kids and adults like to swim and float in the pool at a party using pool noodles and pool toys. There are large inflatable pool noodles with stars and stripes. Families can also decorate the yard with foam pool noodles that are red, white and blue.

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    Flags can be held in the hand and waved during fireworks events and parades. Flags are often placed in flower beds and gardens for decorations. Add a few round hoops, and kids can even play ring toss, being the first person to throw their hoops over the flags in the yard!


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    Patriotic Stickers

    There is no better way to celebrate the nation and service members by creating and designing individual thank you cards using patriotic stickers of flags, eagles and other American symbols.

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    Scrambled States of America Game

    Looking for a fun family game play at a party to celebrate the United States? The Scrambled States of America is a fast card game that is recommended for ages 8 and up.  It is a great way for kids to learn about geography and state facts.

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    Walking up and down the boardwalk at the beach with the kids? Joining in on a parade? Many families enjoy decorating wagons for parade events with streamers and flags.

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    Bikes and Ride-On Toys

    Many children decorate their bikes and ride-on toys for bike parades at patriotic events. Kids attach flags, streamers, and red, white and blue decorations to their bikes to show patriotism.

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    Water Balloons

    Water balloon games are a great activity to include in patriotic celebrations. Zuru water balloons are popular because of their unique design. Within a minute, using a garden hose, it is possible to inflate 100 self-sealing balloons. These water balloons are great for parties, and available in patriotic colors, like red, white and blue.

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    Karaoke Machines

    Patriotic parties, barbecues and family events are not complete without music. Karaoke machines will engage guests in singing. Some might even want to sing their favorite patriotic songs like God Bless America and The Star Spangled Banner.

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    Floor Maps and 3D Puzzles of the United States and Landmarks

    Kids enjoy celebrating the nation, as well as learning about geography and their respective capitals. There are many sizes of United States puzzles, which include smaller wooden puzzles and floor maps. There are even 3D puzzles of popular United States Landmarks.

    For adults and older children who like to complete puzzles, there are unique, 3D puzzles that puzzlers can finish like the Statue of Liberty and the White House.

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    Pom Poms

    Pom poms are great for kids to hold at parades and fireworks, while chanting, cheering and yelling, "Go USA!"