Is Wearing Pearl Jewelry Bad Feng Shui?

Understand the energy properties of pearls

pearl necklace
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Question: I was told that wearing pearl jewelry is bad feng shui. Is this true? I hope not because I love pearls. Thank you!

Answer: No, this is certainly not true. Pearl jewelry might work better for some people vs. others, but to say that wearing pearl jewelry is bad feng shui is just not accurate.

When it comes to jewelry, it is more about the match between a person's energy and the energy of pearls (in this case) rather than a general statement about the good or bad feng shui nature of specific jewelry.

There are many people whose energy will not benefit from wearing pearls, or it can even get weaker; and then there are people whose energy gets nourished and balanced by pearls. Of course, this applies only to natural pearls, because plastic imitations, not matter how well done, will have none of the real pearls properties.

So, how do you know if pearl jewelry is for you? Will your personal energy benefit from the energy of pearls? And what are the specific properties of pearl jewelry (other than the obvious beauty)?

Let's look at two factors: the energy of pearls and how to find out if pearls jewelry is good for you.

1. The Essence of Pearls
Water, purity, fluid motion and rare beauty are just some of the energy attributes of pearls. Subtle nourishment, flow and flexibility are pearl's qualities, too. There are certainly differences between freshwater and saltwater pearls, but their essence is very similar. I have never seen a wild pearl, but am sure its energy will be different - much more potent and unique.

Even though the highest priced, ideal pearls are the wild, perfectly round ones, any shape of natural pearls reveals their beauty. Pearls also come in many colours - from shimmering white to mysterious black.

Created in the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk, a pearl is made mostly of calcium carbonate, which explains why some feng shui consultants and healers recommended wearing pearls as a subtle calcium supplementation for the body.

2. Are Pearls Good Feng Shui Jewelry for You?
When choosing any piece of jewellery, feng shui-wise, we always look at what a specific jewelry choice can do for your personal energy.

Just like in a good feng shui house every piece of decor has a purpose of being there, the same applies to good feng shui jewellery.

It is also helpful to understand that the true origins of jewelry are sort of medicinal. Ancient people chose specific stones, crystals, metals etc for their energy properties.

So, first you have to know yourself well, where you are right now, how do you feel, what sort of energy can be nourishing to you, and then you look into the vast choices of mineral kingdom to find your best match. Knowing your feng shui birth element can help, as it gives you an idea of best energy for you in terms of colours, shapes, etc.

Another, much easier way, is to trust your intuition and make a choice based on a strong attraction, or connection you might feel with a particular crystal or stone.

Generally, pearls are excellent for people who need more water element energy, as well as for those who have a very fiery temperament and need more balance/ cooling down energy. Pearls are an excellent choice for women, especially young woman.

The energy of pearls helps one align with a soft, feminine and very precious energy, a yin quality of energy that can also be very powerful.

Pearls might not be a good choice for people who lack energy, vitality, or who go through a low energy period in their life. In this case carnelian or hematite, for example, are much better choices.

Are there crystals and stones that work very well with pearls? The closest and best match is the moonstone - pearl's sister - that compliments the pearl and reveals the same essence of powerful and pure feminine energy: the energy of water, Moon and endless unspoken mysteries.