Meaning and Uses of the Pearl in Feng Shui

Loose white pearls on pink background

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Pearls are unique among gemstones in that they are formed inside mollusks, rather than deep within the earth like most crystals. Pearls are connected to the energy of the moon, as well as innocence and integrity. There are many lessons we can learn from pearls, and, in many ways, their teachings and energies can be applied in tandem with feng shui.

What Is Pearl?

Pearls are formed when a piece of debris makes its way into a mollusk’s shell. The mollusk forms a protective coating around this object, which eventually turns into a pearl. The word pearl comes from the Latin word for “ball.”

Properties of Pearl

  • Color: Various
  • Chakra: Crown
  • Number: Vibrates to 7
  • Planet: Moon
  • Zodiac: Cancer, Rabbit
  • Bagua area: Children/Completion Area (Dui)
  • Elements: Metal

Meaning and Uses of Pearl

Pearls are symbols of purity, faith, innocence, and integrity. They are connected to the energy of the moon and have been used to increase fertility and create more ease in childbirth. They are very sensitive, both physically and energetically. Pearls can respond to different chemicals and temperatures, and they’ve been said to indicate health or illness in their wearer. They can also help to create a clear, receptive channel for spiritual insights. In Europe, pearls were thought to encourage modesty and chastity. In feng shui, there is also the connection between the dragon holding a pearl, which is also called a wish-fulfilling jewel.

The creation of pearls offers a beautiful metaphor. Each pearl started out as an irritant that became something beautiful and precious over time. We can apply this teaching by considering how things that may be bothering us could be turned into something meaningful. 

Types of Pearl

Natural pearls are the most valuable type of pearl and are formed just like their name suggests: naturally, without any human intervention. 

Cultured pearls are formed when an irritant is deliberately placed inside a mollusk. Like natural pearls, they generally take several years before they are ready to be collected.

Pearls in oyster shell. close-up

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Uses in Feng Shui

Here are a few ways you can work with pearl to improve the qi and energy flow in your home and life.

Invite the Metal Element

In feng shui, the metal element is connected to precision, integrity, joy, and simplicity. Working with pearls is a beautiful way to activate the metal element because their round shape is an expression of metal energy. White and gray are also connected to metal, so pearls in one of these colors are especially appropriate when you want to bring more metal element qualities into your life. To activate metal energy, you can wear pearls, or bring them into your home. This could be a pearl bracelet on your altar, or even a pearl gem tree. 

Activate Dui, the Completion Area

There is a section of the feng shui bagua called Dui that represents completion as well as children. This can be a powerful part of your home to activate if you have a hard time finishing what you start. The clear, pure energy of pearls can be very supportive in activating this area. To find Dui, imagine a three-by-three grid stretched across your home. Stand in your front doorway facing into your home, and find the middle section on your right hand side. Try placing a pearl here, with a clear intention of how you’d like to work with this energy in your life.

Activate Kun, the Relationships Area

Pearls are also connected to the Kun area of the feng shui bagua. You may be familiar with Kun as the relationships, partnerships, or love area of the home. We often activate this area when someone wants to invite a romantic partner into their life, or even when someone wants to cultivate self-love. Kun position has a very yin, receptive energy. Working with pearls in this area can be beneficial, especially because of a pearl’s connection to the softer, yin energy of the moon. Kun is also related to the color pink, so pearls with a pink hue can be an especially appropriate addition to this area. 

Wear Pearl Jewelry

Like all gemstones, pearls make beautiful jewelry. Wearing pearls is an especially appropriate way to work with their energy, as they are so small and precious. 

Since pearls come in many colors, you may want to choose pearl jewelry in a color that aligns with your specific intention. Look for white, gray, or silver pearls if you want to invite more joy, precision, and clarity into your life. Yellow and brown pearls embody a more grounding, nurturing energy. Choose blue or green pearls to cultivate healing and kindness, and black pearls to tap into your intuition.