How to Make Crafts Using Peeps Candy

It seems that most people I know either absolutely love Peeps candy or vehemently hate them. No matter which of these categories you fall into, I hope you will enjoy making one or more of these peeps crafts and recipes.

If you want your Peeps candy to remain edible, you can learn how yo make your own Peep-style candies, how to enhance the flavor of your Peeps by dipping them in chocolate, or transform them into a sweeter treat by making Peep pops. If you don't care to eat them, you can create...MORE a print picture using peeps dipped in paint, use several Peeps to fashion a colorful wreath, or pair them with a styrofoam ball and a few other supplies to make an amazing topiary decoration.

I hope you enjoy all of these crafts and recipes. If you have a fun Peep craft or recipe, take a few moments to share it and get it published here. You can be one of the first to know when new craft projects are posted if you take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter and you can also chat about crafts with others in the Family Crafts Forum.

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    Bunny Bag Topper Craft
    Bunny Bag Topper Craft.

    A visitor nicknamed 'bpendlhudson' explains how she made a great gift using bunny shaped Peeps along with jelly beans. She includes a poem to print out and give along with the candy that she calls The Jelly Bean Prayer. It explains how specific colors of jelly beans can have special meanings.

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    Peep Poop Gag Gift
    Peep Poop Gag Gift.
    This is a fun gift idea to make and give to someone who hates Peeps or someone who loves Peeps candy.
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    Peeps Candle

    Peeps Candle Craft
    Peeps Candle Craft.
    You can use these craft directions to decorate a plain candle using colorful Peeps candies and a hot glue gun. I made mine into a simple design but you can get as elaborate as you like.
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    Peeps Print Picture
    Peeps Print Picture.

    Go grab a large piece of paper, some acrylic paints, and some Peeps candy and then follow these directions to make a cool print picture. You can make an abstract picture or make a fun bunny scene by adding details using a paint brush or markers.

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    Peeps Printables

    Peeps Printable Crafts
    Peeps Printable Crafts.
    Okay, so these printables aren't made using Peeps candy, but they do feature fun pictures of Peep candy so I just had to include a link for you to check them out!
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    Chocolate-Dipped Peeps
    Chocolate-Dipped Peeps. Elizabeth LaBau

    Elizabeth LaBau, Guide to Candy, explains how you can make your Peeps candy even sweeter (if you dare!) by dipping them into melted chocolate.

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    Make Your Own Peeps
    Make Your Own Peeps. Elizabeth LaBau
    If you think Elizabeth LaBau's directions for making chocolate-dipped Peeps are just too easy, follow this recipe she shares for making your own Peeps like candy.
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    Peep S'mores

    Peep S'mores
    Peep S'mores. Anne Marie Helmenstine

    Anne Marie Helmenstine encourages you to experiment with your Peeps candy by using them to makes some tasty s'mores in your microwave. What the Peep through the window. What does it do?

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    Peeps Bunny Wreath
    Peeps Bunny Wreath. Erika Martin

    I love this simple Peeps wreath. Erika Martin, from Living the Creative Life, made this lovely wreath and was nice enough to share directions so you can make one too. All you need is some Peeps candy, an embroidery hoop, some ribbon, and a hot glue gun and glue sticks.

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    Peeps House

    Peeps House
    Peeps House. Kasey Buick

    Kasey Buick, from One Girl Talks, explains how you can make cute little houses for your Peeps candies. Follow her directions and you can construct a tiny Peeps house using graham crackers, frosting, and even edible Easter grass! Her Peeps houses are similar to my miniature gingerbread houses, but the inhabitants of her houses are way cuter!

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    Peeps Pops
    Peeps Pops. Michelle Clausen

    Start off by visiting Michelle Clausen's blog, called Sugar Swings, to learn how she has used cakes pops as inspiration to make Peep pops.

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    Peeps Topiary Craft
    Peeps Topiary Craft. Jessie Cross

    This amazing Peeps topiary, which can be found on The Hungry Mouse site, was created by Jessie Cross. Follow her directions and learn how you can make this fun Easter decoration using Peep Chicks, a clay pot, a styrofoam ball, some jelly beans, and a few other supplies.