16 Brilliant Pegboard Ideas to Help You See Your Walls Differently

A white pegboard with a plant and pens on a desk.

PrathanChorruangsak / Getty Images

Pegboards are boards with a grid-like pattern of small, evenly spaced pre-drilled holes for pegs. You can hang pegboards, mount them, or lean them against walls—and then you can insert pegs or hooks into the holes to support a variety of items. 

You’ve probably seen pegboards in retail settings where they’re used to display things like jewelry and other accessories, but these versatile items are becoming more and more common in homes. Use them in the garage or workshop to organize tools, in the craft room to keep supplies tidy, or in the kitchen to add extra storage space for your cooking gadgets. Pegboards can even be used for displaying home decor pieces.

Here are some clever ideas for using pegboards in any room in the house.