7 Pencil Kids Crafts

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    7 Pencil Crafts for Kids

    7 Pencil Crafts for Kids

    Pencils are something that everyone has lying around their home! This makes them such a great craft supply. Use them to create other masterpieces or decorate and dress them up with paint or glitter. The possibilities are endless. Grab your kiddos, a few pencils, and try these 7 Pencil Crafts for Kids!

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    Sequined Styrofoam Heart Pencil Topper

    Sequined Heart Pencil Toppers
    Make and Takes

    Pencil toppers are so super cute. Especially these sequined ones! They are easy to make and use simple supplies.

    Sequined Styrofoam Heart Pencil Topper from Make and Takes

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    Glitter Dipped Pencils

    Glitter Dipped Pencils
    Thirty Handmade Days

    I am loving these pretty glitter dipped pencils. Easy peasy and really adorable. Wouldn't these be a great gift or party favor?

    Glitter Dipped Pencils from Thirty Handmade Days

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    Washi Tape Pencil Flags

    Washi Tape Pencil Flags
    Make and Takes

    These pencils the perfect crafty gift for any teacher! All you need is some cute washi tape and your favorite type of pencils. This is a craft your kids can do all on their own too!

    Washi Tape Pencil Flags from Make and Takes

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    Light Saber Pencils

    Light Saber Pencils
    Keeping it Simple

    Are your kids as obsessed with Star Wars as mine are? Then they will most likely LOVE these pencils that look like light sabers. These would be perfect for a Star Wars themed party or just everyday play-time.

    Light Saber Pencils from Keeping it Simple

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    Rainbow Loom Band Pencil Toppers

    Rainbow Loom Band Pencil Toppers
    Make and Takes

    Colorful, silly, and fun to craft- these Rainbow Loom pencil toppers are everything! I love the way these toppers dress up a normal looking pencil. It makes it go from drab to fab in seconds.

    Rainbow Loom Band Pencil Toppers from Make and Takes

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    Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

    Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers
    Make and Takes

    Gather different colors of pipe cleaners to make these cute little pencil toppers. Make different shapes and sizes for all of your pencils. Your kids will really like this craft!

    Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers from Make and Takes

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    Snowman Pencil Toppers

    Snowman Pencil Toppers
    Spend With Pennies

    Celebrate those last few weeks of winter and snow with these snowman pencil toppers. Your kiddos can give these to their friends or family for a special gift.

    Snowman Pencil Toppers from Spend With Pennies

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    Pencil Holders and Toppers

    Katherine Lee

    This craft tutorial teaches you how to make matching pencil holders AND toppers. This is a perfect activity for getting your little ones excited to go back to school!

    Pencil Holders and Toppers from The Spruce