Pendant Lights for Kitchens

Pendant light fitting
Pendant light fitting. Ton Kinsbergen/Arcaid Images / Getty Images
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    Trendy? Perhaps. Practical? Definitely!

    Kitchen Pendant Lights
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    Kitchen pendant lights are great for over the island or perimeter counters. They are relatively easy to install on a one-for-one basis (for anything else, consult an electrician). And because their light is more concentrated, you can get by with fewer lights than you may initially think.

    Yes, pendants have become trendy, and for good reason: no other light comes as far down to the work surface.

    "One of the values of a pendant fixture is that it brings the light down from the ceiling and puts it closer to the counter or table where you need it, or just down to a more effective height for the room, if you have a high ceiling," says lighting expert Bill Lewis.

    Enjoy this collection of pendants--from classic brass to "wow-them" wenge wood--that you can purchase for your own kitchen.

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    Simple, Inexpensive Brass Pendant Light

    Brass Pendant Light
    © eLightbulbs

    We hesitated before kicking off the gallery with this pendant because it's about as basic--or boring?--as it gets, but it's a good way to see a good, solid but cheap pendant in action before looking at fancier versions.

    This Westinghouse brand pendant has a light amber-brass finish and a green-cased glass fixture. It uses a single clear or white 100-watt bulb for maximum illumination of kitchen work areas.

    Not in love with the brass finish? Westinghouse has similar lights in steel and nickel finishes.

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    Pendant Lighting Track System for Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Pendant Lighting Track System
    © SeaGull Lighting

    Want pendant lighting for the kitchen island? You'll probably want a three-light system to cover the entire kitchen island area.

    Sea Gull Lighting has a contemporary 3-light system on a track. Each of the three fixtures can be moved--though due to the total track length, they cannot be moved very far. A great way to bring light to your kitchen island.

    The Sea Gull Lighting 94516 Three Light System is just over 47 inches long, has opal-cased glass fixtures, and requires halogen 40-watt bulbs. Too modern-looking for you? Not to worry. Sea Gull has the same track lighting (often called rail lighting, too) system in antique finishes.

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    A Kitchen Pendant Light for Over the Sink?

    Three-Bulb Kitchen Pendant Light
    © Quoizel

    Who says that all kitchen pendants need to go over the island or perimeter counters? You definitely need illumination over the sink, too, for those times when your accommodating spouse is vigorously scrubbing those nasty pots and pans.

    Yes, if you want a linen shade for the pendant light, this is the place. The kitchen sink is away from the grease splatters of the stove (never a great place for linen shades). You've got three-bulb illumination without the spread found in three-fixture tracks.

    With this Quoizel pendant, three 75-watt bulbs are packed into a nice, compact space for more light where you need it.

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    Stylish Wood Pendants for Kitchen or Dining Area

    Koshi Wood Kitchen Pendant Lights
    © Axo

    If you've got the money to spend, you can go upscale with your kitchen pendant lighting and install these extremely cool Koshi lights. Each pendant is just over 5 1/2" and made of wenge wood, blown glass and chrome finished metal.

    These smaller sizes are perfect for the kitchen or off-to-the-side dining areas or breakfast bars (larger sizes are available). They use one halogen bulb per light.