Pennsylvania's 100 Mile Yard Sale Runs from Shawville to Medix Run

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The Quehanna Industrial Development Corporation sponsors the 100 Mile Yard Sale, which was started to attract tourists to the area and give residents a way to earn extra cash. The organization handles management of the event and also publishes a handy online directory to all of the vendors and events on the route. The 2018 directory includes not only vendor names and locations but also a summary of the specific items for sale by each vendor and a list of events sponsored by hotels and other venues along the way.

Yard Sale Route:

  • Shawville, Pennsylvania to Medix Run, Pennsylvania
  • More than 100 miles, starting in Shawville on Route 879
  • Throughout Elk, Clearfield, Centre, and Cameron counties
  • Participating cities include Shawville, Lecontes Mills, Frenchville, Keewaydin, Karthaus, Sinnemahoning, Driftwood, Pine Glen, Benezette, and Medix Run.

Dates and Times:

  • Third weekend (Friday and Saturday) of July from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • 2018 Dates: July 20 - 21
  • 2019 Dates: July 19 - 20
  • 2020 Dates: July 17 - 18
  • 2021 Dates: July 16 - 17

100 Mile Yard Sale Shopping Tips

Though Pennsylvania's 100 Miles of Yard Sales officially starts at 9 a.m., expect some sellers to start quite a bit earlier. Do study the map and directory to plan your days around favorite vendors, hotels, and eateries. Many of the vendors also offer basic food (hot dogs and lemonade), so check each listing carefully. In addition, follow these tips:

  • Become a better treasure hunter by packing the right gear. Also, brush up on ​yard sale shopping tips before you go.
  • Don't be afraid to haggle at the 100 Mile Yard Sale, though you'll probably get better deals on Saturday because it's the last day of the sale. Try to avoid common haggling mistakes as well.
  • The 100 Mile Yard Sale route is not a clean shot down a straight highway. Route 879 twists and turns the entire way. Keep an eye out for yard sales along the route, but make sure you pay close attention to the road too. Be wary of parking on the shoulder of the highway as well.

Selling at the 100 Mile Yard Sale

This particular yardsale is mainly a local event; to set up a yard sale you'd need to find an individual or business willing to host your booth. If you can find a good location, you'll also need to follow local permits and pay for the right to put up a sign.

  • There's a $10 fee to set up an official participating yard sale, payable to the Quehanna Industrial Development Corporation, the organizer, and sponsor of the event. The fee includes a yard sale sign stating that you are a paid participant in the 100 Mile Yard Sale.
  • If you'd like to have a yard sale but don't have a good spot to set up, check with businesses and property owners who have parking lots and empty fields along the route. They might be willing to rent space to you for a small fee. You might even spark the idea of a group sale in that location, which often draws bigger crowds of shoppers.

For More Information

You can find more detailed information about this annual event (as well as information about signing up for next year) at You can also call (814) 496 -4426 or send an email to ​