Perennial plants and flowers live more than two years, so planting them once will create seasonal blooms in your garden more than once.
Pineapple sage shrub with tall stems with scarlet flowers and buds
How to Grow and Care for Pineapple Sage
Purple passionflower (Passiflora Incarnata) close up
How to Grow and Care for Purple Passionflower
Perennial flower garden with white, pink and purple flowers surrounded with trees
22 Layouts and Design Plans for a Perennial Flower Garden
Toad lily flowers with tiny purple blooms and buds on thin stems
Toad Lily: Plant Care & Growing Guide
A cebu blue pothos in a macrame hanger by the window light
How to Grow and Care for Cebu Blue Pothos
Peony flowers with light pink and white petals surrounding yellow centers in garden
22 Perennial Flowers Perfect for Any Garden
Yellow bell plants with bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers clustered on branch
How to Grow and Care for Yellow Bells
Fairy duster plant with feathery red flower ball on thin stem closeup
How to Grow & Care for Calliandra eriophylla (Fairy Dusters)
Macho fern plant with bold bright green fronds closeup
How to Grow and Care for Macho Ferns
Blooming French lavender bush surrounded with mulch in flower garden
How to Grow French Lavender
Hosta 'Frances Williams' variegated green and yellow leaves clustered together
12 Types of Variegated Hosta That'll Shine in Your Yard
Giant onion perennial plant with puffball of green buds and purple star shaped blooms on thin stalks
How to Grow and Care for Giant Allium
Coral honeysuckle plant with red and orange tubular flowers on end of stems closeup
How to Grow Coral Honeysuckle
Mock strawberry plant with rounded leaves and a red-burgundy fruit
How to Grow Mock Strawberries
Black bamboo plant with ebony-colored stalks and branches poking out
How to Grow Black Bamboo
Iris flowers with blue standard and yellow falls petals on thin stalks
How to Grow and Care for Iris Flowers
Dragon lily (Dracunculus vulgaris)
How to Grow and Care for Dragon Lily Plants
Anise hyssop plant with purple flower spikes and thin stems with yellow-green leaves
How to Grow and Care for Anise Hyssop
Harebell plant with purple bell-shaped flowers on thin stem
How to Grow and Care for Harebells
Matilija poppy plant with large white flower and ball-shaped center of yellow stamens
How to Grow and Care for the Matilija Poppy
Orange daylily plant with orange star-shaped flower and buds closeup
How to Grow and Care for Orange Daylily
White and pink flowering Showy Lady's Slipper Orchid (Cypripedium reginae) in the Czech Republic
How to Grow Showy Lady's Slipper Orchids
Casa blanca lily with white flowers clustered on tall stems
How to Grow the Casa Blanca Lily
Dixie wood fern with dark green fronds layered behind each other
How to Grow Dixie Wood Ferns
Boneset plant with tiny white flowers grouped in clusters on thin stems and long spear-shaped leaves
How to Grow Boneset
pink peonies
34 Perennials to Cut Back in the Fall
globe thistle
How to Grow and Care for Globe Thistle
Japanese pachysandra deer resistant ground cover plant closeup
The Best Deer-Resistant Ground Cover Perennial Plants
Black-eyed susan perennial plant in full sun
12 Best Perennials for Full Sun
venus fly trap
How to Grow Venus Fly Trap, Great Curiosity of the Plant World
Dichondra ground cover plant with rounded leaf clusters closeup
How to Grow Dichondra
Lemongrass: Plant Care & Growing Guide
Painted Japanese fern
Japanese Painted Fern: Masterpiece of the Shade Garden
Ivy geranium plant with circular leaves and small bright red flowers
Ivy Geranium: Plant Care & Growing Guide
Red button ginger plant with red cones in garden
How to Grow Red Button Ginger
Solanum aethiopicum 'Red Ruffled'
Growing Pumpkin on a Stick for Fall Decorations
Horsetail plant with tall green stems and white flower in between
How to Grow and Care For Horsetail
Emerald green arborvitae trees trimmed in cone shapes
Arborvitae Is Great for Hedges but Not Always Fast-Growing
How to Grow Hostas
purple fountain grass
How to Grow and Care for Purple Fountain Grass
english ivy
The Merits and Drawbacks of 10 Common Perennial Vines for Shade
blue fescue grass
Blue Fescue Ornamental Grass
Chinese lantern plant with orange papery seed pod hanging from long medium green leaves
Chinese Lantern Plant: Care and Growing Guide
closeup of a coffee plant
Coffee Plant: Care and Growing Guide
lavender field
How to Grow Fragrant Lavender
"Honey Rose" Coral Bells branches with small pink flower buds
Coral Bells: Plant Care & Growing Guide
pink gaura flower
Discover a New Flowering Favorite: Gaura the Wandflower
Flowering tobacco plant with fuschia flowers
Flowering Tobacco Plant Profile
Crown of thorns plant with red flowers with thick bright green leaves
Grow the Intriguing Crown of Thorn Plant
Lunaria plant with white iridescent seedpods on white stem closeup
How to Grow Lunaria (Silver Dollar Plant)
Corkscrew rush plant with twisted stems in light gray pot surrounded by white rocks
Need to Liven up Your Water Garden? Try Corkscrew Rush Plants
Mayapple wildflower plant with divided umbrella-like leaves in front of wood fence
Mayapple Is a Unusual Wildflower Ideal for Native Plant Gardens
closeup of spiderwort
Growing Tips for the Native Perennial Wildflower Spiderwort
Black mondo monkey grass among leaves
Find Out Which Type of Monkey Grass Is Right for Your Yard
Coreopsis nana with yellow flowers in field with sunlight
12 Low-Maintenance Perennials for Your Garden
Jack in the Pulpit
Get to Know the Bog Onion Plant
Goldenrod: Plant Care & Growing Guide
pink hardy hibiscus
Tips to Grow and Care for Hibiscus Plants
Septic Safe vs. Unsafe Plants Near a Drain Field
lamb's ear
Lamb's Ear: A Soft, Fuzzy Groundcover for Sunny Locations