Relief At Last! 8 Perfect Closet Organization Ideas

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    Great Closet Organization Ideas

    closet organization ideas
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    Discussing closet organization ideas with Lisa Lennard, Vice President of eCommerce and Information Technology for California Closets, I said that, in home remodeling, closets would be one of the last things a homeowner might think about doing.

    Then, looking at my own house and home remodeling ideas, I realized that I had it backwards. These cool projects are what homeowners are really anxious to get to. They just have to wade through all the less-interesting stuff first.

    So, assuming that you've done the drywall and the electrical and the painting and all that--you are now cordially invited to think closets. Let's begin.

    What's the Idea?

    Max out your shelving and storage areas; you will always end up wanting more than you think you do.

    This picture shows a closet-lover's dream. Even though the material appears to be solid white melamine atop particle board (more on this later), it's actually California Closet's premium Lago® line of finishes. From this distance, the finish is a bit hard to see...

    But the sheer awesomeness of having billions of spaces to put your stuff should be quite apparent.

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    Where James Bond Hangs His Tuxedo

    closet organization for men
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    Hey, guys can have closets, too.

    It's not just the rich Lago® finish that says that this is a man's closet, but the clean, uncomplicated, and unhurried horizontals. Did you happen to notice that this closet has no visible partitions? Yes, we thought you did.

    And guys, if you're concerned about the construction of your closet, no need to worry. Lennard notes that California Closets prefers the term engineered wood rather than particle board.

    I often make the point that, in relation to flooring, engineered wood in an excellent choice because it is dimensionally stable.

    Sealed in melamine veneer, these closet shelves will not bend, buckle, warp or do anything else they're not supposed to do. They will last.

    So engineered wood it is.

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    Thicker Closet Partitions For a Solid Feel

    closet thick partitions
    ©/Courtesy California Closets
    1-inch partitions for a more finished look.

    This closet features partitions that are 1" thick, rather than 3/4". This gives the closet a more stable, finished look.

    See those red panels on the inside? Another extra touch that comes from one of California Closets' vendors, 3form, which is focused on sustainability and economic development in Third World communities.

    Also note that the closet tucks away in the room's alcove--and fits perfectly into that alcove. This is one of the advantages of working with design consultants who can customize closets to your needs, rather than buying warehouse stuff from IKEA.

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    An "Encouraging" Closet?

    closets for teenagers
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    Build the closet, and organization will follow.

    How can you expect a teenage girl to put away her things in a nasty closet? Eliminate the "Eeek Factor" by building an amazing closet that fits the user.

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    Closets for Hobbies and Life-in-General

    closets for arts and crafts
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    Identify an area of your life that needs organizing, and build a space for it.

    This homeowner built a space for gift wrap and assorted doo-dads.

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    Flush Closets, Metal Pulls: A Departure in Style

    closet flush mount
    ©/Courtesy California Closets
    Extruded metal touches.

    The light-blue finish, smooth metal pulls, and customized design make this flush-mount closet more an actual part of the room than an accessory item.

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    Elevated: Your Basic Reach-In Closet

    closet raised over floor
    ©/Courtesy California Closets
    Sometimes basic is better.

    A fairly typical reach-in closet for a master bedroom, notes California Closets' Lennard. But the upgraded drawer fronts and raised panels take it a few notches above typical.

    She also notes that the closet rises several inches over the floor--a conscious design choice. This allows for storage of larger items, easier cleaning, and an airier feeling.

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    Customized Closets For Everyone?

    closet customized for you
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    You don't have to be rich. Anyone can consider customizing their closet with a design consultant.

    I asked Lennard if some customers found the idea of working with consultants and installers to

    No, says Lennard. She indicates that by the time they contact California Closets, people have researched the topic and are comfortable with the idea of working with designers and installers.

    I'll add that the wise (hint, hint) homeowner already hands over projects to seasoned pros--floor installers, roofers, carpet installers, window technicians. Why not the closet?