Perfect Flame 5-Burner Model #720-0522 - Discontinued

Perfect Flame 5-Burner Gas Grill Model #720-0522
Perfect Flame 5-Burner Gas Grill Model #720-0522. Lowes

The Bottom Line

This is a big, full feature grill. With a total cooking area well over 600 square inches of primary cooking space and 5 burners, this grill gives you loads of space, but not a lot of power. The now quality (430) stainless steel body is what holds down the price, bringing this grill in around $500USD. The infrared side/sear burner is a nice feature that tries to make up for lower heat output of the main burners.

This grill has a rotisserie burner but the rotisserie kit is optional. The stainless steel of this grill is low quality and won't hold its appearance long.

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  • Full feature Gas Grill
  • Dedicated infrared sear burner/side burner


  • Low quality 430 stainless steel construction
  • Limited overall construction quality
  • Rotisserie kit is not included with the rotisserie burner


  • Five 10,000 BTU 304 stainless steel burners
  • 635 square inches of primary grilling area for a total cooking area of 880 square inches
  • 50,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 12,000 BTU infrared "searing" side burner
  • 10,000 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner (rotisserie kit optional)
  • Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Complete 430 stainless steel construction
  • Internal halogen grill lights
  • Propane tanks, cover and rotisserie kit optional
  • Imported from China exclusively for Lowes by Nexgrill

    Guide Review - Perfect Flame 5-Burner Model #720-0522

    This grill has been discontinued.

    The emphasis on stainless steel gives us grills like this one. The low-quality stainless steel on this grill is thin and not destined to last. The basic grill isn't bad, but would have benefited from better quality internal components and materials.

    Instead, we get stainless steel parts that don't have the quality to stand up to the elements and parts like the flimsy stainless steel burner tents that do little to distribute heat or even protect the stainless steel burners.

    On the other hand, this grill has pretty much all the bells and whistles (rotisserie kit for the rotisserie burner not included ($30USD)). The 50,000 BTUs from the main burners isn't going to give you a lot of power, but will give you enough heat to grill most foods. The reality is that the open design and thin materials are going to let heat out pretty fast so you may find the heat a limiting factor. At around $500USD ($550USD natural gas) you can certainly get a better quality grill, but probably not with this size and all the features. Basically, this is a "nothing special" grill. If you are after shiny then you might want to consider it. If you are after durability and function then you will want to look elsewhere.

    The one unique feature of this grill is the 12,000 BTU infrared side/sear burner. This seems like a decent solution to the sear station burner, but won't be as versatile as a traditional side burner.

    Perfect flame is a store brand of Lowe's Home Improvement Stores.

    This unit is imported by Nexgrill.

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