The Perfect Yellow Paint Color for Your Bedroom

Behr's Meringue is the prettiest yellow paint color we've ever seen

Behr Meringue | The Perfect Warm Yellow Paint Color

Finding the best neutral paint color for your bedroom may leave you feeling a little underwhelmed. Neutrals colors in the bedroom are popular for their relaxing vibe, but not all bedrooms need to be toned down in color. 

If you're looking for a warm paint color with slightly more color than beige, consider a warm yellow wall color like Behr Meringue. The secret of this sunny color is its nearly-neutral appearance while keeping all the benefits of a warm yellow color.

Behr Meringue is perfect for you if you love waking up to a cheerful bedroom. A warm yellow wall color works well in rooms needing warmth and light. Yellow is easier to decorate with than you may think. 

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    How to Build a Color Palette With Yellow Paint

    Behr Meringue in a Neutral Paint Palette

    When your bedroom color palette starts with Behr Meringue, you have so many options for accent colors. Meringue can be paired with cool or warm colors and many neutrals. The key to creating a great color scheme for your bedroom is keeping your collection of colors to no more than four. Your wall paint will be your main color, with your accent colors playing a supporting role. Behr has put together a color palette with Meringue that shows how to balance a warm yellow wall color for your bedroom.

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    Replace a Dated Bed With a Tufted Headboard

    Neutral Tufted Headboard

    Beds are the focal point of a bedroom. This is the only room where one piece of furniture dominates the space, leaving little space around it. If one piece of furniture sets the tone for a room, then it should be flat-out gorgeous. Replace a dated wood or iron bed with a glamorous tufted headboard. Upholstered headboards are not just stylish, they're also comfortable and they can soften any hard edges in your room. 

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    Keep Bedding Simple With a Neutral Duvet

    Neutral Bedding in decorated room

    Let your yellow wall color shine by choosing neutral color bedding and linens. For a room painted in warm yellow, a soft beige bedding set doesn't detract from a pretty bedroom color scheme. Add pillows in your accent colors to give your bedroom that coveted pulled-together style.​ 

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    Add a Pop of Color With a Bold Accent Chair

    La-z-boy armchair

    You'll want to add one bold accent piece to give your bedroom style and personality. A modern chair in an organic neutral color keeps your yellow bedroom from looking too precious. Choose accent furniture with clean lines and simple textured fabrics to keep the color from overpowering the rest of the color scheme.

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    Cool Down Warm Yellow Walls With Gray Accents

    Behr Meringue With Gray Rug
    West Elm

    Add a touch of cool gray to cool down your warm bedroom color scheme. You won't need to add more than one cool color to your room. A rug, throw pillows, or drapes are ideal spots for cooling down your warm walls and accent furniture.

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    Pull the Room Together With a Stunning Chandelier

    Behr Meringue with Bedroom Chandelier

    The final touch of your new bedroom makeover is a whimsical chandelier that ties in perfectly with your color palette. Some chandeliers might be too much for a room with extensive accessories or colors, but the right one could be just right for a warm or neutral bedroom with simple accents. Keep your other decor accessories to a minimum if you'd like to feature a showpiece light fixture, to get the impact it deserves.