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Pergo Accolade Midnight Mahogany
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    American Beech

    Pergo Accolade American Beech

    Pergo brand laminate flooring has become synonymous with laminate flooring in general. They were the first to push out laminate flooring onto the mass market, and it's generally good quality stuff. In many ways, other brands have learned the Pergo lesson and have surpassed in certain aspects, such as texturing.

    One popular iteration is called Accolade. The main thing that distinguishes this from other Pergo products is the attached underlayment. Typically, laminate flooring comes without any kind of underlayment on it. You have to roll out separate foam underlayment first, then float the laminate floor on top. Pergo Accolade also clicks and locks into place (no glue, no staples), another feature of floating floors.

    Shown here is an American Beech flooring. It is not entirely clear why they call it "blocked wood" flooring. Woodblock flooring usually refers to end-grain wood blocks, all the same size, which this Accolade Beech does not try to simulate. But whatever: it's nice flooring, and one of the cheaper types of Pergo flooring out there.

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    Reclaimed Barnwood

    Pergo Accolade Reclaimed Barnwood

    Reclaimed Barnwood by Pergo Accolade. Make sure to put that all in capital letters. Why? Because that refers to its given name, not the materials used.

    This is not actually reclaimed barnwood. Nothing about laminate flooring is actual wood. But Reclaimed Barnwood represents a huge step by Pergo to start putting out distressed textures that have become so popular lately.

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    Midnight Mahogany

    Pergo Accolade Midnight Mahogany


    We began our Pergo Accolade Shopper's Guide with the ultimate blonde-wood American Beech, progressed to a darker barnwood, and now we're at the darkest of all, mahogany.

    One advantage of this darker, more striated style of Pergo Accolade is that scratches and other surface imperfections are less visible.