Personal Hygiene Tips for Busy Moms On the Go

7 Ways to Hide Those "Don't Have Time for a Shower" Days

A picture of a mom with bad personal hygiene
Being a mom can stink ... as in, you're the one who stinks. Photo © Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

Moms have a running joke that we're so busy taking care of everybody else that we don't have time to take a shower. For those days when you would rather slip into your pajamas instead of a bubble bath, try these personal hygiene tips for busy moms on the go that will make you feel as fresh as a daisy instead of like the smelly trash sitting by the street.

Pamper Yourself With Free Beauty Product Samples

There are plenty of places you can find freebies for moms.

Your favorite brands usually offer free product samples too, which can be anything from makeup to perfume. The next time you're at a department store, stop by the beauty counter and ask what free samples are available. Or look online for free beauty product samples.

Carry these samples in your diaper bag, your car or put them near the front door of your house for those times when an unexpected guest rings your doorbell. A little dab of perfume or a swipe of a facial cleanser will instantly rejuvenate you.

Carry Body Spray

Body spray is the ultimate can't take a shower right now personal hygiene cheat. Choose a body spray with a light fragrance. You don't want an overpowering stench that reminds people of the rosy smell of grandma's house.

When you're on the go, carry a small spray bottle with you for those days when you've been sweating it up on the playground with your kids. A quick squirt will mask any body odors so people won't turn green when they get a whiff of you.

Make Use of Your Baby Wipes

The product you may use the most for your kids is also something you can use on yourself. If a baby wipe can make the tiniest baby bum feel clean after sitting in a diaper of poo, imagine what it can do for you on the days you don't have time to take a shower.

Use a baby wipe on your face and neck to wipe away dirt, sweat and makeup.

You'll feel like you're using a washcloth in between showers. Just be sure to save some of those wipes for the baby!

Sprinkle Talcum Powder

Your personal hygiene tanks when you feel yucky under your arms, breasts and feet. Talcum powder is your new best friend.

Sprinkle talcum powder over these areas to decrease moisture and smell. Stores also carry fragrant talcum powder with vanilla, lavender or jasmine scents.

Stash Mints

Does your breath smell as bad as the dog's? It can even be a challenge to brush your teeth at home when you have small children who require constant supervision. You can always swig mouthwash but when you're on the go carry some pocket-size mouthwash strips.

When you see that mom you know walking toward you at the grocery store, you won't have to give yourself a breath check on the sly. Just pop in a strip and be ready for those conversations about bed wetting and tantrums.

Freshen Up With Makeup

Some days your beauty regimen has to take a backseat to motherhood. We often use makeup to hide some of our flaws, including those wrinkles we've earned since we became moms. Makeup can also hide some of those down and dirty secrets you want to keep about your personal hygiene.

A tinted moisturizer can perk up your complexion to give you a natural glow. Or try a quickie makeup application to look like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine instead of out of the laundry room.

Discover Baby Powder's Secret

One of the biggest drawbacks of taking a shower isn't the shower itself. It's the wet hair you're left with afterward. Drying your hair and then styling it can take a chunk of time you may not have right now.

When your roots look greasier than a double cheeseburger at the local diner, grab the baby powder. Shake some baby powder onto your hands and then rub it into your hair to absorb the oils. For the ultimate hair washing cheat, buy waterless shampoo. Rub it into your hair and you're done. No rinsing required.