Your Personal Values Can Save the Day!

Save your time and energy by really knowing your personal values

Living according to your values is empowering
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Look at all the ways that knowing your personal values saves you:

It saves you from defending your value.

When you know your values you know your value as in you know what you are bringing to the table.  This is more than just a list of accomplishments.  You know what kind of person you’re showing the world.  This makes you feel good because you’re not trying to be someone else or following some else’s dream.

 You are transparent to the world because you know who you are.

It saves you time.

You save time because you already know what is important o you.  You can name your personal values off effortlessly.  When you’re asked to make a decision you have something solid to fall back on.  There’s no indecisiveness.   It’s your starting point for when you're short on time so you make a competent decision.  When you don’t know your values you may spend time thinking why you are uneasy about a decision.   

It saves you personal energy.

You save personal energy because when you are indecisive “what if” type thoughts pop into your mind.  Those can make you worry and this emotion uses up personal energy.  Knowing your values minimizes confusion and negative emotions and gains you more clarity.  You'll experience less "what if" thoughts and more "here's what can happen" thoughts.

It saves on guess work.

People get to know who you are quicker when you can competently articulate what is important to you.

 It may prevent people from putting you in a situation where they know they are questioning your personal values.  You'll spend less energy second guessing yourself and more energy on living according to your values.

It’s saves you from making bad decisions.

You feel less uneasy when asked to make a decision that goes against your values.

 Knowing your values is like your own personal alarm system.   You are aware of exactly why you feel uneasy about making a choice because it goes against something you believe in.  

It saves your child from making poor choices.

Your child's values are being formed, right now.  You want them to be who they are and to stand up for themselves.   If they watch you be a pushover or a people pleaser, then you’re teaching them that.  And that’s the last thing you want for your children.  Show your child the freedom you feel from being your true self.

It saves your relationships.

Making the effort to know your personal values will strengthen the relationships you hold.  If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or they rub you the wrong way it may because their values are different than yours.  So when you’re growing your support system you’re looking for people with the same type of values as you.  

It saves you from the comparison game.

There’s no maybe I should have done it their way type of mentality because you understand why you made the choices you made.  No one else can make better choices than you because you are confident in the choices you made. 

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How has knowing your values saved you from something?

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