Pet Friendly Living Room Flooring Options

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Pets can bring a whole new dimension of love and affection to your life. But they can also bring some pretty significant hazards to your floors. Between the constant wear of nails clacking and clawing, and the threat of ‘accidents’ leaving permanent unsightly unsanitary stains on the floor, the impact of an animal on the lifespan of your flooring can be significant. This is especially true in living rooms, which tend to be open access areas to pets and people alike.

Luckily there are a variety of durable, stain and scratch resistant materials which are available. This allows you to take your pet, whether a dog, a cat, or other, into consideration when making living room flooring material choices.

Ceramic Living Room Tile

Ceramic living room flooring is a great option for pet owners because the material is so durable that even the biggest dog’s paws and the sharpest cat’s claws won’t be able to do any damage to it. If you use glazed ceramic the material will also be impervious to stains and liquid penetration. At the same time, the glaze can be printed by the manufacturer to take on a variety of designs or patterns, giving you a wide range of decorative options for your living room.

Acid Stained Concrete Living Room Floors

Concrete flooring is often thought of as being very harsh and industrial, making it a drab option for a social center like the living room. However concrete can be treated in a variety of ways, including polishing, texturing, staining, and chemical treatments, which can achieve a variety of visual effects that work well in modern and contemporary living room styles.

Concrete is hard, and if sealed it can be made impervious to pet stains. The hardness of the surface can also be softened in a living room using throw rugs and area carpets. If these pieces become damaged by your pets they are easy enough to machine wash or replace, giving you the benefits of carpet with the functionality of strong concrete. Radiant below surface heating systems can also elevate the subtle feel of a concrete installation. 

Natural Stone Living Room Floors

As hard as concrete, natural stone is a product of the earth, and as such, it tends to have a warmer, more inviting appeal than some of its hard surface counterparts. Natural stone will also have to be treated with a chemical sealing agent to make it impervious to water penetration, but if properly cared for it can be a great, long lasting living room flooring choice for pet owners.

Note: Avoid polished and honed materials such as marble and granite as these can scratch beneath pet nails. Instead, opt for natural clefted products such as slate and limestone. Choose multi-colored materials for your living room floors to help hide dirt, hair, and debris.

Brick Living Room Flooring

The warm rich beauty of brick flooring pavers is a great match for rustic, cottage, and country style living room decors. With a more precise installation, you can also use them effectively to create a sleek, modern, studio apartment style effect. As far as pets, brick is tough and durable so it won’t scratch and wear. It just needs to be treated with a protective brick sealing agent annually to keep it impervious to stains.