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    Petal envelope template
    Petal envelope template. Kate Pullen

    A petal envelope is a very simple type of envelope to make, however, the end results belie the simplicity of the project. It is called a petal envelope as the sides or flaps of the envelope fold inwards like a petal. With a few extra embellishments and flourishes, you can make this pretty envelope into a stylish yet functional item which you can use in many ways. Use the petal envelope to present gift cards or tokens, or write directly onto the center of the envelope and make the envelope itself...MORE an invitation or greeting card. If you want to make the envelope smaller, you can resize the template on your computer or your printer.

    Download the Petal Envelope Template

    To download the template, click on the link above, you may need to click again on the image to see the fullsize version. Then right click and save to your computer.

    To make the envelope simply cut the shape from paper and fold the edges into the middle. Use a sticker or ribbon to fasten the envelope.

    Tips for Making a Petal Envelope

    Here are some tips for making a petal envelope:

    • Use a bone folder to score the folds. This will help to give you good crisp edges. This is particularly useful when you are using a thicker cardstock.
    • Fold the flaps inwards going in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The flaps should fold under each other and hold secure, however you may want to add some additional adhesive to ensure they hold together permanently, if this is what you require.
    • Make the petal envelope from colored paper. Cut a square of complementary colored paper to attach to the middle of the envelope and write directly onto this.
    • Decorate the insides of the flaps. When the envelope is opened the flaps will open up and your decorations will be visible.
    • Use a sticker to hold the flaps together. If you do not have a sticker to hand, stamp into a plain disc of paper and attach this to the envelope with double sided tape or glue.

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