22 Photo Display Ideas for Showing Off Your Favorite Moments

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Victoria Bell Design

If you're wondering just exactly how to display those favorite family photos that have been sitting in a desk drawer collecting dust for far too long, you're going to want to keep reading. We've rounded up 22 clever solutions both for displaying photos in your home and creating frames that wow. Whether you're feeling crafty or just are looking to make a unique wall display, we've got you covered.

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    Hang a Picture Light

    photo frames

    Interior Impressions

    Place a favorite photograph under a picture light to bring that museum-like display look home.

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    Make a Themed Gallery Wall

    photo frames

    Interior Impressions

    Take a cue from this golf inspired setup and form a photo gallery wall using pictures that pertain to a certain theme—a Paris themed wall will bring back special memories of a family trip, or a wall featuring your children's first day of school photos from over the years will remind you of simpler times!

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    Flank a Doorway With Family Photos

    photo frames

    Victoria Bell Design

    A dining room entryway is flanked by family photos from various points in time. The dining room is a great place to hang pictures like these, which are instant conversation starters when guests visit. Don't worry about frames matching perfectly as long as the general style remains cohesive.

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    Mix in Some Mirrors

    photo frames

    Jane Beiles for JK Interior Living

    Another dining room photo gallery wall features a range of different sized frames and a few small mirrors. Don't be afraid to work in some artful accents like these.

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    Jazz Up the Bar

    photo frames

    Mary Patton Design

    Add some photo frames to a bar cabinet to showcase some personality. It's the simple touches like these that truly make a house a home.

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    Print Colorful Pics

    photo frames

    Mary Patton Design

    Keep furnishings neutral, then print out an assortment of colorful family photos and frame them in coordinating frames. This tactic will ensure that the room doesn't appear too busy and allows the subjects of the pictures to shine.

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    Fill Up a Shelf

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    Andi Morse Design

    Fill an entire bookshelf with frames for maximum visual impact. Grab a couple dozen or so standard sized frames and scatter them to create your own work of art.

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    Show Off Fave Seashells

    photo frames

    Running With Sisters

    Love coastal style? This seashell picture frame hack is for you. Grab a few favorite finds the next time you're at the shore and attach them to the frame of your choice for a cheerful, beachy display.

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    Say Yay to Ombre

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    Bespoke Bride

    Make it ombre! Take a large acrylic sheet and spray paint it using your favorite hues (or colors that correspond with the photos you plan to display) to create an ombre effect. The end result? Way cooler than your average pinboard.

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    Print Out Your Instas

    photo frames

    Knoxville Moms

    Your favorite Instagrams don't have to simply live on your grid forever; go ahead and print them out so that you can admire them all the time. Adding clips to a piece of wood makes it easy to switch up which photos are on display.

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    Add Oomph to a Bookcase

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    No more wall space? No problem! You can hang a favorite frame directly onto your bookcase if you wish, simply by adhering hinges or a hook. This approach has become popular with a number of designers and can add a sophisticated touch to any room.

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    Make Use of an Empty Corner

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    Charleston Crafted

    Make over a corner by hanging up a gallery wall. We often think of gallery walls going above the sofa or dresser, but really, they can be formed anywhere, and an unexpected location will add a bit more intrigue. Here, a gallery wall hangs above an exercise bike.

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    Grab the Tissue Paper

    photo frames

    Darcy Zalewski

    There's no right or wrong way to craft a tissue paper frame like this one. Cut out pieces of tissue paper in whatever shape appeals to you, and use a paintbrush and Mod Podge to apply them to a wooden frame. It's as simple as that.

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    Think Black and White

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    Gray Space Interior Design

    Take an empty hallway from drab to fab by printing out favorite family photos and displaying them in simple frames. Black and white photos will add a touch of nostalgia to your home and won't clash with any of your existing color schemes.

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    Repurpose Spare Change

    photo frames

    Audrey Kuether

    Put that pile of pennies to use to create a unique looking, copper photo frame. All you'll need is some loose change and super glue. You could create something similar using foreign coins from your travels, too.

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    Take a Rustic Approach

    photo frames

    Jenna Shaughnessy

    Love rustic decor? DIY your own pallet frames using materials from the hardware store. Whether you display just one on its own or form an entire gallery wall of wooden frames is up to you. You can even paint the finished products in the color of your choosing.

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    Reuse Your Cardboard

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    Would you believe this classy looking photo frame is actually made from cardboard? Well, it is, and all you need to recreate the look is some basic craft supplies and the decorative paper of your choosing. A folding frame like this one is perfect for displaying on a desk or bookshelf.

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    Snap Some Polaroids

    photo frames

    @sarahlyon9 / Instagram

    Display Polaroid photos in a small bowl and keep them on your coffee table to flip through when the mood strikes. Guests will also enjoy viewing these photos when they stop by; they'll make for an instant conversation starter, and you can add to the bowl every time you entertain.

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    Install a Picture Ledge

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    There's no need to shell out your hard earned money on a store bought photo ledge when you can construct your own using some wood from the hardware store. The great part about photo ledges like this one is that it's easy to change up your photo configuration as often as you wish without worrying about nailing additional holes in the wall.

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    Roll Up Some Colored Paper

    photo frames

    Natalie Shaw

    Celebrate your crafty side by creating a rolled paper frame like this one. This is an excellent project for kids and adults alike to enjoy, and you can repurpose catalogs or magazines if you wish.

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    Fake a Vintage Look

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    Ann Tatum

    If you love the look of antique frames but can't find the perfect pieces at your local vintage store, don't worry—it's easy enough to create your own. There are plenty of ways to fake an antiqued look using paint. Grab some frames from the thrift store and get to work using some natural wax and antiquing dust.

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    Revive Old Frames

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    Rachael Bliefnick

    Hit the thrift store and grab photo frames of all kinds to use to assemble a gallery wall. There's no need to pay full price for frames when secondhand stores have so many beautiful options that just need a little bit of TLC. Simply remove whatever is inside, pop your own photos in instead, and hang.