Photo Inspiration: Recycled Glass Slab Counters

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    Photo Inspiration: Recycled Glass Slab Counters

    Most counters that contain recycled glass are actually terrazzo, an ancient technique that has been adapted to be eco-friendly: bits of glass are embedded in a binder and honed for a smooth finish. Here are some of the most popular recycled glass slab manufacturers:

    BottleStone is made from-you guessed it-bits of broken bottles. Finally, there is a great use for all those old beer bottles! But seriously, BottleStone is a wonder material that can be used for kitchen and bathroom counters, and is durable enough to withstand the outdoors as a patio dining table top or hearth. These 1 inch slabs are available in five colors: Mocha, Cobalt, Espresso, Sand and Black.

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    EnviroSLAB, manufactured by EnviroGLAS, is made of 100% recycled glass and porcelain terrazzo. The binder is customizable, so you can create endless color configurations and textures. They are made in Texas and can be shipped throughout the US, and are an affordable option for kitchen remodeling projects (although they may also used in the bathroom or as a tabletop material).

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    Vetrazzo claims to be the manufacturer of "the original recycled glass surface." The counter product, which is made in Georgia, contains 85% recycled glass, and most of it is from 'curbside' programs or post-consumer sources. The company even provides a Certificate of Transformation so you know exactly where the glass in your particular counter came from.

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    IceStone is the only surface of its kind to receive Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). These counters are made in Brooklyn, New York with 100% recycled glass embedded in a cement matrix. Colors range from neutral, earthy shades to bold and saturated looks. Surfaces can be polished, honed or sandblasted, and they don't fade with UV exposure.

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    Manufactured in Chicago, Gilasi counters contain 85% recycled content (locally sourced) and are available in three product lines:
    Gilasi*Chi: clean and monochromatic
    Gilasi*Ca: contains sparkling cubes of former oven window door glass
    Gilasi*Go: bold colors reclaimed from broken light fixture glass

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